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The Power of Community

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One of the big benefits of the education provided by OptionsANIMAL is the “community” found there. Before I discovered OptionsANIMAL, I felt isolated with only my books and the internet as my key resources.

OptionsANIMAL is a huge community of like-minded traders from all over the world who share the same foundation of options education and bring to the community their varied experiences in trading, “extra” options education, and market exposure. The majority of these fellow traders view their fellow students and grads as team members versus competitors.

The real competitors are the “big boys” and the “insiders.” It has been my experience that there is a sentiment in this community of generosity. I’ve benefitted from so many fellow traders’ willingness to share resources that I have become eager to extend the same generous habitude to others. This measure of what my tuition to OptionsANIMAL provided to me was not expected. However, this less tangible benefit of the education has become one of the best features for me. Thanks, OptionsANIMAL!

Emilu Bailes
OptionsANIMAL Instructor

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