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the right tools

Our focus at OptionsANIMAL is to provide the education, tools, and environment that will allow you to prosper using options and spread trading. Whether you are brand new to the stock market, or a seasoned trader, our system will make you a great trader. We guarantee it.

on demand classes

Our courses are delivered in four main formats. We have a large selection of On-Demand, pre-recorded presentations that you can stop, pause, rewind, and watch as many times as you like. Whatever your life situation is or wherever you are from, you can watch the On-Demand classes with the ease of a mouse click.

live classes

Every class we teach at OptionsANIMAL is taught in a live format. Between 30-40 live classes are offered throughout the week by different expert instructors. Each live class is recorded and archived. We have hundreds of archived classes that students can watch over and over again. Like our On-Demand Classes, there is no limit on the number of live classes a student can attend.


We feel that testing your knowledge is a key factor to becoming a better trader. At the end of each level of education, we have tests built into the system. In order to graduate the program, you must pass written, verbal, and paper trading tests to prove not only your knowledge, but your ability to apply the strategies.


OptionsANIMAL Community Forums provide subscribers a place to discuss market related topics, exchange ideas, and to post questions. Subscribe to threads and participate along with coaches and fellow students to get the most out of your investor education.

live chats

We provide live open forum coaching sessions conducted by a certified instructor. These live open forums are available almost every day of the week. Their purpose is to provide the student with an opportunity to meet with one of our experts regularly in order to get the help they need individually to succeed.

practical application

We provide internet based Market Commentary hosted by our Founder Greg Jensen, and other coaches, which is an extremely useful program for making sense of what is happening in the markets this week. The discussion topics vary in content, but are always a keen insight into market fundamentals, great trade conversations, and a forward look into upcoming events that bear importance for the student and trader.

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