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Here Are Several Common Inquiries:

As you research whether or not OptionsANIMAL’s course is the right investment for you, we’ve found it helpful to share with you some of the common questions we get asked prior to joining our course.

Are options risky?

There is risk associated with any trading instrument.  However, buying options is essentially insurance.  Would you consider your car, homeowner, or life insurance to be risky?  You run the risk of losing your premiums if you don’t make a claim.  But, in exchange for those premiums, you get the comfort of having protection life’s most important assets. 

Buying options allows you to protect the assets in your portfolio – which is another one of your important assets. 

Options traders have the ability to buy and sell options.  In the case of selling options, you would be the one providing the insurance – the insurance company.  In exchange for providing protection, you collect a premium.  But it’s important to realize that the buyer’s protection is the sellers risk.  Without having some other risk mitigating instrument, i.e., long options or shares of the equity, a trader could be exposed to significant risks. 

That is why we teach people the important fundamentals of spread trading – both buying and selling options and stock.  This allows traders to take on exactly the risk profile that is comfortable for them.  Almost always, the risk associated with spread trading is far less than trading a stock alone. 

Using a combination of these spread trades, our members understand how to generate income, achieve capital appreciation, and protect their portfolios in any market direction.

If I understand options and use them regularly, what do you have to offer me?

Collectively, our staff has over a hundred years of experience trading options.  Seven days a week, they share their insights, experience, and coaching with our members – things that cannot be read in a book and only come from practical hands-on trading. 

We teach all of the basic and advanced options strategies.  However, our unique approach to trading allows members to fix losing trades.  Our success ratio of profitable trades exceeds 90% since we began tracking our performance six years ago. 

We are only able to achieve this sort of performance by using our proprietary adjustment technology.  By following our straight-forward six-step trading plan, members structure trades that can be fixed when the market turns against them. 

Members also benefit from the most vibrant and active options community in the world.  Live online classes and coaching sessions allow members to interact with our staff every day.  Our Mid-Week and Weekly shows give members unique insight and ideas to trade the current market.  All of these are available as archives if you miss the live sessions. 

We share real money trades with our members so they can see exactly how we are trading the current market. 

We also have an online community forum where members engage with our entire community – asking questions, getting feedback, sharing ideas, and improving their knowledge. 

OptionsANIMAL is also proud to offer live in-person summits throughout the year.  These seminars are the industry benchmark in providing effective learning and real-time actionable trading ideas.  These seminars are valued at over $2,500 each and are provided at no additional cost to our members.

How do I control my emotions when I trade?

The emotions of fear and greed are primal and cause traders to make bad decisions.  The OptionANIMAL trade adjustment technology allows our member to consider the possible outcomes and plan for all contingencies.  Imagine your confidence when you understand that you can manage your trade to profit, even if it doesn’t follow the expected path.  This confidence allows OptionsANIMAL Traders to eliminate those primal emotions and trade rationally.  It gives our you the peace and comfort to be able to sleep at night, knowing that you can be successful in any trend. 

Can I trade options in an IRA?

In almost all cases, the answer is yes here. You can also use them in RESP’s if you reside in Canada. There are some limitations in 401k’s and RRSP’s. We would recommend you call in to find out how this works for your situation.

My broker won’t let me trade options?

If you plan to trade options, it is important that you are using a broker who specializes in options trading.  This ensures that you get access to all the possible trading strategies; smooth execution of trades; and good customer service.  There are several excellent brokers who offer a broad spectrum instruments to trade, including options, futures, commodities, and currencies.  A few good brokers to consider include:

  • OptionsHouse
  • TradeStation
  • ThinkorSwim
  • Interactive Brokers
Do options require day trading?

No, absolutely not. There are several methods we teach that involve minimal commitment of time to trade successfully in the stock market. We find our average students are spending 30 minutes to an hour a day looking at the market.

Options seem a little overwhelming. Can I really learn them?

We have taught thousands of members to trade options.  Our diverse community  spans the spectrum of age, location, and experience.  Our youngest members are in their teens and our most experienced members are in their nineties.  We have members from nearly every walk of life, including single stay-at-home parents, retired professors, plumbers, artists, engineers, firefighters, executive chefs, nurses, pet sitters, photographers, doctors, ballerinas, and more.  All of these people have learned to master the OptionsANIMAL process and it has changed their lives forever. 

Our program is structured so that you can set the pace and learn at the rate that is best for you.  Many of our members are successfully trading the market in only a few short months. 

What do you offer that is different than some of your competition?

OptionsANIMAL is unique and does not have any direct competition.  While there are other training companies that offer options education, no other company has the unique trade adjusting technology that OptionsANIMAL has developed. 

OptionsANIMAL’s robust, learn-at-your-own-pace instructional platform offers our members the most comprehensive set of learning resources available.  This includes daily live stream classes, daily coaching, recorded archives, twice weekly market insights, live in-person seminars, a vibrant peer community, and more!

One of our most unique attributes is that we are the only company that shares real-time, real-money trades and can demonstrate a success ratio that is greater than 90%, over our six-year track record.  While some companies may offer examples of their winning trades, we share all of our trades.  When a trade is placed, using our six-step process, coaches provide the exact details of their trading plan.  This includes the analysis of the stock direction, an evaluation of potential strategies, the selection of the strikes and actual fill prices, along with a detailed trading plan.  Members follow the trades in real-time and ask questions as our coaches turn these into winners.  The average duration of our trades is about six-weeks and typically yields 20%, or more, Return On Risk on an annualized basis. 

Finally, no other company will guarantee your success at applying these options strategies and make money in the market. 

How much money do I need to have in order to successfully trade options?

This answer really depends on your investing needs, risk tolerance, etc. We would recommend you call in to see what we might suggest depending on your situation. Short answer: you can trade some options with just a few hundred dollars.

What are the biggest benefits of trading options?

There are four main benefits of trading options:

  1. Consistent Income
  2. Capital Preservation
  3. Aggressive Growth
  4. Fixing Losing Trades

The real benefits of options trading for you come in the form of more vacations, less time trading, making more money, sleeping better at night, and realizing an eventual financial freedom.

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