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Trading System

OptionsANIMAL offers premium options trading classes for beginners and pros.

Whether you’re a beginner in the stock market, or an advanced spread trader, you’ve come to the right place. OptionsANIMAL is the premier stock and options trading education in the market.

The OptionsANIMAL online trading classes are designed to help you evaluate your comprehension, achieve mastery of the trading strategies at hand, and successfully apply stock and options investing strategies that will make you a successful trader.

In addition to the online classes, tools and resources and the OptionsANIMAL step-by-step trading system are available to ensure that our students are able to learn, apply, and share their newfound knowledge with others. These tools are instrumental in successfully applying the OptionsANIMAL trading methodology.

Key Features

  • Level Structured Education
  • Online Testing
  • Accessibility of courses
  • Professional and Certified Instructors
  • 52 Online Classes
  • Online Community of Traders

Making Money! My experience level has moved up to give me consistent results. The best course for the money and support, you can’t beat it, hands down. And it gets better every day, Thanks to Jeff, Kevin, Eric, Phil! Great job for changing my life.

With the volatility in today’s market, are you ready to make money regardless of what the market does? OptionsANIMAL is the most complete educator of stock and options in the industry. Using OptionsANIMAL’s unique methodology of adjusting positions and hedging against the ups and downs of today’s market you will be able to create the consistent cash flow you desire.

With our trading methodology, you will learn options trading techniques that are designed to protect your money, turn a losing position into a winning trade, and finally eliminate the fear and greed most investors feel. Isn’t it time you take the steps necessary to make your money work for you?

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