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6 Step Trading System

OptionsANIMAL trading system consists of a step-by-step procedure for successful, consistent trading. Not only does this system teach you a great process for trading, but it trains you to control the emotions of Fear and Greed that dominate investors.

How to make any trade a winner

If you could make incremental improvements on every trade you placed and eliminate your losing trades by understanding how to "Adjust" your position, how would that impact your portfolio? With OptionsANIMAL, you will learn this system and trade with more confidence than you ever have before. We will teach you how to react to the market by understanding and placing Trade Adjustment Strategies. Knowing how and when to adjust trades will give you the confidence and skill to trade in ANY market condition.

Trading System Steps

Our Students Love Us

Options Animal has been great to work with. There are many trainers to work with who have different styles of teaching and trading. I have found several that I like and learn from. The training they gave me has benefitted me so much that the gains I have made in my trading account has more than paid for my subscription to the lessons. Love this company and their trainers!
I am really happy I decided to subscribe to OptionsAnimal. Trading options is not easy, but OptionsAnimal provides you with all the information you need to trade options successfully. They cover all the different option trades, and, in the higher level lectures, they have algorithms which guide you through the management of trades after they are placed. I highly recommend OptionsAnimal.
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