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Weekly Market Report – September 13, 2019

By OptionsANIMAL / September 13, 2019
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Mid Week Market Report – September 11, 2019

By OptionsANIMAL / September 11, 2019
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Weekly Market Report – September 6, 2019

By OptionsANIMAL / September 6, 2019
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Mid Week Market Report – September 4, 2019

By OptionsANIMAL / September 4, 2019
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Understanding Implied Volatility and How It Can Be Used As a Sentimental Indicator

By Eric Hale / August 2, 2019

Implied Volatility can be simply thought of as the “expensiveness” of options. There’s a bunch of math – but let’s keep this simple. I often use the analogy of insurance, which is actually more than an analogy; insurance is technically a put option. Let’s use homeowners insurance as an example. […]

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The Inverted Yield Curve – What you need to know.

By Eric Hale / April 3, 2019

In the last few weeks of March 2019, the headlines in financial media were consumed by the news of the inverted yield curve. What does an inverted yield curve mean? The U.S. Treasury issues bonds for different periods of time, e.g., 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 10 year, etc.. […]

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Six Ways to Trade a $420 Buyout on Tesla (TSLA)

By Eric Hale / August 8, 2018

Let’s suppose for a moment that Elon Musk is serious about a Tesla buyout at $420, how could you trade it? 1) Long Stock The first and most obvious approach for most traders is to buy shares. As of this writing, the stock is trading at $373.70. That gives you […]

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What is a straddle options strategy?

By Horace Taft / June 22, 2018

As another earnings season begins, options traders are presented with an opportunity to structure trades that aim to take advantage of the potentially explosive moves in stock prices that can occur with the release of earnings information and forward guidance. While it is often difficult to predict the direction a […]

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The Anatomy of a Short Squeeze – Tesla (TSLA)

By Eric Hale / June 15, 2018

Last Christmas, my wife and I received a full case of fresh Florida oranges as a gift from my parents. You can only eat so many delicious orbs of citrus goodness. With a dozen or so fresh oranges left, we broke out the juicer and squeezed them into a sweet […]

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What is a covered put?

By Jeff McAllister / May 30, 2018

From time to time, someone will ask me, “What is a covered put?”. I pause as I know that the following conversation pertains to a little used and often misunderstood strategy. A strategy that has a potentially unlimited risk. A strategy that can be used with a bearish outlook and […]

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