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How NOT To Get Hurt With Options

Options can be used to provide extra income, allow you to profit in every different market trend, and protect the money you already have. Options can be used to smooth out your returns, protect you in a down market and insure against the risk of catastrophic loss in your portfolio. With all these amazing abilities,…

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How To Not Miss Out On Market Gains

Sometimes the market seems to have a will of its own, acting deliberately to confound the largest number of people possible. Just when everyone expects the market to plummet, for example, after a monumental event like the Brexit, it stages a rally and breaks out to new all-time highs. As upsetting as it is to…

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An Option Strategy For All Seasons

In the heart of the hot, lazy days of summer it’s easy to imagine that the warmth will last forever, and all you will ever need are t-shirts and shorts. Bull markets are like summer days. They lull you into believing that they will last forever; that all you will ever need to do is…

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Don’t Be Surprised!

Every time Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown, I get angry….at Charlie Brown. After all this time, shouldn’t Charlie know better? Isn’t it his fault if he is continually surprised by things that he should be able to predict? I do not like to be surprised, especially by moves in my equities. Sometimes…

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New Year’s Market Goals: What Is Your Benchmark?

New Year's Market Goals: What Is Your Benchmark?

Have you noticed that as soon as we ring in a new year, the commercials on TV change? Gone are the decadent advertisements urging us to splurge on food, jewelry and cars – replaced by ads for weight watchers, gym memberships and ways to monitor our credit scores. The beginning of a new year prompts…

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Structuring Synthetics!

structuring synthetics

There are no limits to the things you can do with options. Many people are already familiar with the use of options for hedging risk and increasing leverage. Today, I want to talk about the use of options for simulating trades that usually require equity ownership and therefore demand a large use of capital. A…

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Watchlist Anxiety

watchlist anxiety

When I was a child, my parents read me a bedtime story that gave me nightmares for years. It was called, “Rusty in Orchestraville.” It had no monsters, no witches, no violence of any kind, but it terrified me. It was the story of a boy who loved music, but could never decide which instrument…

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Black Swans, Rare Diseases and Other Common Events

black swans, rare diseases, and other common events

In 16th century London, the phrase “Black Swan” was a metaphor used to connote something fictional: something that did or could not exist. In 1697, explorer Willem de Vlamingh discovered actual black swans in Western Australia. In a flash, one metaphor died, and the Black Swan rose, phoenix like, with an entirely new meaning. The…

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When to Walk Away

when to walk away

Years ago, I became a student at Options Animal because they promised to teach me something that seemed almost like magic — how to “adjust” a trade that wasn’t working into something profitable. Adjusting is indeed a powerful tool. The techniques I learned at OA and that I now have the privilege of teaching to…

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Three Buckets of Sanity

3 Buckets of Sanity

One of the central tenets of the Options Animal methodology is that each trader must trade his or her personality. Some people are more aggressive, some conservative. Some are more patient, and some people thrive on the thrill of immediate results. Then, there are some, like me, who seem to have multiple trading personalities. A…

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