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Beware The Corporate Buyback

As I pen this blog, the S&P 500 had broken out to all-time highs and sustained that important technical event for several weeks. When investors begin to “peek under the hood” as to the reasons why the markets are at all time highs, question arise. The prices paid for shares of companies are a reflection…

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Is Index Investing As Diversified As You Think?

As an active trader/investor, I spend many hours each day conducting my due diligence on the markets. This involves reading many articles/opinion pieces about the factors influencing the direction of the broader markets as well as my individual equities. I love when I come across information that furthers my understanding of why markets move the…

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The Quarter-Point Heard ‘Round the World

How many times have we heard the long-standing trading adage, “Don’t fight the Fed!” when discussing portfolio positioning in the stock market? When studying equity markets across time, one notices that the market heads to higher valuations when our Federal Reserve is in a process of reducing interest rates or keeping them low on a…

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How To Overcome Doubt That Paralyzes

How to overcome doubt that paralyzes

Have you ever experienced sitting in front of your trading computer, ready to pull the trigger on a well-researched trade, only to find that you simply can’t push the button? Let’s face it, we are emotional beings – and there is definitely an emotional component to trading and investing that can be just as challenging…

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The Dreaded “D” Word – The Scare of Deflation

the scare of deflation

For several years now, we have heard pundits and prognosticators go on and on about the risks of strong – even perhaps runaway – inflation as a result of too much easy monetary policy for too long. Five years into the great experiment of zero interest rate policy, we still show headline inflation numbers to…

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The Collar Trade – A Strategy For Any Market Scenario

collar trade - a strategy for any market scenario

As the S&P 500 continues to defy gravity and head to all-time highs, investors are facing a bit of a dilemma. The “greed” monster on one shoulder wants to stay long the market and continue to benefit from potentially higher equity prices despite the fact that this index has not had a 10% correction in…

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What To Do Now? Past and Present Bull Markets

Past and Present Bull Markets

I like to compare equity markets to a swinging pendulum. When a force is exerted upon a pendulum, it begins to swing back and forth. Each continued swing becomes less and less significant until the pendulum finally comes to a resting point in the center. We have cycles in equity markets much like the swings…

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Why the Aging Bull May Still Have Legs

As I pen this blog, the DJIA is at all-time highs, and the S&P 500 is within striking distance of breaking out of its resistance near 1900. I still maintain that “cautious optimism” is the word of the day, so I want to outline some reasons why these markets may surprise everyone by continuing on…

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Hedged Trading Amidst Volatility

Volatile yet going nowhere – that is the theme so far for the S&P 500 year to date as we are in our second earnings season of the year. While the overall index is close to flat for the year, we have had many trading days that have been volatile on an intraday basis –…

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