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An Economic Survival Guide for Teenagers

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At a very early age children start to learn the value of money. They start to get money for birthdays and special occasions, they get money from the Tooth Fairy and when they are a little older start to do small chores around the house to earn money. Very quickly children also learn that having money can mean that they can buy candy, toys or games with the money. These are the first steps that children take in learning about the importance of money.

But, the education of children as they grow older do not stop with allowances or impulse purchases of candy or gum.   The teen-aged years are some of the most important years in the financial education of children. During their years as a teenager money becomes a more important factor in their life where buying video games, clothes and other purchases start to take priority. It is also during these teen years that children start looking at getting first jobs, saving money and other important parts of their financial life.

These first steps are important in the financial well-being during the teen years and well into adulthood. To learn more about financial education, teens can get knowledge from parents and teachers in many ways.  These important concepts such as saving money, learning how to budget, getting bank accounts and finding our the pluses and minuses of credit are things teens can learn and use as adults.

To aid parents, teachers and teens learn more about the world of money, we have put together a brief resource guide. Please feel free to browse these resources and learn more about money and finances.

Saving Money

  • Kids and Money – information and guide to helping kids learn about the importance of saving money.
  • Teen Money Management – informative website providing help and information for teens on various money topics.
  • Kids and Money – useful information for kids and teens on how to effectively save money.
  • Saving Money – information from the government on saving money for younger teens.
  • Kids Money and Finance – activities and information for kids on a number of finance and money topics.
  • Kids and Money – useful collection of resources and information for kids and teens about saving money.

First Jobs & Earning Money

  • Teens and Employment – information on why it is important for teenagers to get jobs.
  • First Jobs For Teens – guidelines for teens and parents on how they can work together to find a first job.
  • Teens and Work – useful site discussing the ways that teens can find work.
  • Teen Money Talk – informative site containing helpful information and ideas on how parents can discuss earning money and other financial topics with teens.

Budgeting Ideas

Bank Accounts


Financial Education Resources

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