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What if I bought that stock?

“Gee if i only woulda”  is something often said amongst a group of trading buddies.  Not to rub salt in an open wound or anything, but we created the following infographic to point out some fun stats that’ll make you wish you made some different investing decisions.  This infographic shows you all the best opportunities that you probably missed by pointing out the top 10 stocks of the past decade, the top 10 IPO’s and the top 10 stocks of 2012.  Not to worry though, to help you avoid the all too common phrase, “Gee if I only woulda”… we included the top 10 stocks to watch in 2013.

If you want to learn more about OptionsANIMAL and all 23 of our Stocks and ETFs to watch for 2013 click below. You’ll get access to the full OptionsANIMAL 2013 Market Report and can watch our webinar archive for the OptionsANIMAL 2012 Review and 2013 Market Forecast with Market Predictions.

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