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Kids and Money

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Money is one commodity that is needed in order to sustain life at a decent level. With money people can buy food, clothes and have a place to stay. In addition, money is needed to buy things to make our life better such as cars, homes, electronics and other items. Because of the importance of money, people need to learn and appreciate it at a young age.

Kids start learning about money at a relatively young age. From the time that they begin to learn how to count, they can start learning how to count money. Also at a very young age, kids can start to find out that money is needed in order to buy items. Whether it is buying toys, magazines or games, children find that they need money to purchase these items. Because they learn to need money, children can begin to have an appreciation for money and to learn how to acquire the money that is needed.

To learn how to appreciate money, parents can help teach kids at a young age. The education of these kids can continue for many years. The early lessons that parents can teach children can last for years. In addition, teachers are able to provide basic information about the importance of money through their teen years. The lessons that are taught children can help plant the seeds of financial education through adulthood.

To help parents, children and educators, we have gathered a number of useful resources about money and money related topics. We have included a number of links of educational resources on money, to help learn more. We hope this guide is helpful to all. Please feel free to look over these resources and use them to help teach children about money.

United States Money Information

  • U.S. Currency – information on the various types of currencies which are produced in the United States.
  • Money for Kids – fun and informative site for kids teaching them about a number of money related topics.
  • Coins and Currency – useful information from the Treasury Department discussing the types of currency and coins used.
  • New Money – informative resource outlining the new designs of money that have been put into use.

World Money

  • Money of the World – information showing the various types of currency that is used around the world.
  • History of World Money – educational and informative site covering the history of world currency and coin.
  • Money and World Currency – images and information on different kinds of currency that is used around the world.

Counting Money

  • Counting Money – worksheets that teachers and parents can use to teach children how to count money.
  • Basics of Counting Money – helpful site used to teach kids the basics of counting money.
  • Money Flashcards – site helping teach children about money and how to count money.
  • Money Tutorials – information and tutorials to produce lessons for children about counting money.
  • Counting Coins – fun site for kids teaching them some basics about how to count coins.

Online Money Games

  • Teaching Kids About Money – helpful collection of games and online resources which will help teach kids about money.
  • PBS Money Games – online games aimed at teaching kids about money.
  • Money Games – informative educational site which has many games and activities teaching kids about money and finances.
  • Money Skills and Games – site for older kids providing information, facts and games to learn about money.

Online Money Activities

  • Activities and Games for Kids – resourceful site with math activity and games for kids of various ages.
  • Money and Coins – online activities teaching math concepts that are used in money and coins.
  • Money Activities – informative site teaching various money concepts and ideas through a series of games and activities.
  • Kids Math Games – fun collection of activities and games for kids to learn about math and finances.
  • Money and Math Games – useful resources and games for kids to learn about money through math.

Spending and Saving Money

  • Spending Money for Kids – informative site providing kids with information that they can use about spending money wisely.
  • Kids and Money – helpful site for kids and adults with information on how to use an allowance sensibly.
  • Children Spending – information on how to teach your children how to wisely spend money.
  • How to Save Money – useful information on how kids can be taught to save money for purchases.
  • Money Saving for Kids – government site with information and tips on how to save money.

Other Money Resources

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