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Discover The Power of Options

Our defining approach to quality "Options Trading Education Experience" is centered on four key pillars that make us unique from other Investment Educators in the industry.

Consistent Income

Options can be used to target a consistent income. In fact, did you know you could be setting up trades with 80% or higher chance of working in your favor? It almost sounds too good to be true. But, it's real. We've been doing it for years.


Sell Options

Options selling is an art, and we’ll teach you how to use these instruments to your advantage to supplement your income using them.

Trade The Right Stock/Index

Choosing the right stock or index is crucial for selling options. We’ll teach the pros and cons of trading options on stocks vs. indices throughout our course.

Exit Planning

Part of the reason our trades have been so successful is due to proper exit planning. Exits will come in handy when the option you sold gets into trouble.

Preservation of Capital

Markets are always going to rise and fall. Learn how to keep gains and hedge risk in any market.

Twenty and One Dollar Bills (Capital)

Control risk

Risk management is job number one.  No one understands better than you the significance of your investment decisions.

Protect your portfolio

Every strategy we teach embraces the exit strategy and the next step if your trade moves against you.

Become a successful trader

By engaging in the community, you will be supported by others who have mastered the education.

Trade Adjustments

Don't let market bounces catch you off guard. Learn how to protect gains and minimize losses.

Stock Graph

Disciplined exit strategies

Primary and secondary exits are taught as a precursor to the trade adjustment process.

Protect investments from loss

The OptionsANIMAL method helps you protect investments by clearly defining risk, reward, and a detailed exit plan before you enter the trade.


By eliminating your losing trades, your profitability improves.

Make Money In Any Market

Learn how we make money in Bullish, Bearish, and Stagnant markets.

Bull With Graph in Background

Regardless of market direction

We will teach you trading strategies that are independent of market direction.  You will learn the options instruments that will make you money and provide portfolio protection in a pull back.

Eliminate emotion by controlling fear

The confidence of knowing your next step with the trade.

Make your money work for you

Through your mastery of the trading system, your peace of mind will increase as you develop the skills of our professionals.

We strive to help put the odds of success in your favor as a trader. Our Methods, our Community, our Program, and our Instructors will help you create wealth, protect your hard earned money, and live the life you desire. To find out more about how to become a member of the OptionsANIMAL community, take one of our free online classes, or call us today.
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