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OptionsANIMAL is proud to offer people of all experience levels the opportunity to reach their investment goals. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you will be able to make real trades and investments with confidence after going through OptionsANIMAL’s online trading classes.

The proof of this can be seen in OptionsANIMAL reviews from our many students. See what our members are saying about their education in the OptionsANIMAL reviews:

I am so pleased at how much I am learning! OptionsANIMAL is a GREAT classroom. It certainly is taking the learning curve and the "sting" out of learning option trading! If you only knew how many hours that I've dug, jack hammered, pick-axed, and dug some more just trying to find information on option trading and the methods of using it!

Thank God for OptionsANIMAL!

- Angell R.

I have learned so much since beginning the program it is hard to remember what I did not know. One thing I wish I could do better was identify exit points. I have gotten very good at defining them, but I do not do so well at looking at a trade and seeing them. But, in the scheme of things the learning has been awesome and I would have become an OptionsANIMAL PRO member at twice the price.

It will always be my pleasure to talk to anyone and you can be assured that my perspective on the OptionsANIMAL program and OptionsANIMAL in general will be very positive.

- John.

Prior to discovering OptionsANIMAL, I'd taken an options course several years ago. The materials were impressive and overwhelming, and I really was too chicken to truly get into it. I needed more support--that is, I needed someone to hold my hand and walk me across the street. When I found that you allowed students to take classes as often as wanted and needed and that you had such an amazing and dedicated support system, I got very excited. I had a hard time sleeping for a couple of nights!!

This letter to you may be premature since I'm just a newbie; however, I've had enough experience to understand that what you are offering is truly wonderful. Thanks!

- Janie N.

I have learned to control greed and fear. Greed is controlled by predetermined exit points. Fear is controlled by a piece of paper plastered on my desktop that says "Has my expectation changed?" Discovering OptionsANIMAL was a god-sent gift. You guys are doing a great job. If there is anything I can do to help OptionsANIMAL let me know.

- Hoon L.

I love to share my success stories. I'm thrilled with what I've been able to learn through OptionsANIMAL! I started in late March of this year with $20k. I was quickly able to realize some significant gains and in fact paid for my membership and then some in that first month... After that, I added a significant amount of additional cash to my account

This isn't to say I haven't made some mistakes. I 'strayed from the plan' a few times and have made some mistakes that have cost me money. However, my view of the world is that part of the human condition is to have to learn things the hard way!!! I try not to beat myself up over them, but to learn from them and recommit to not repeat them...

My bottom line is this. I truly believe in this system. I am blessed to have a high income, but I am also cursed with a long commute. My goal is to develop my skills and expertise to the point where I am comfortable to make this a full-time deal and say goodbye to that long drive.


- Bob H.

You guys have made it easy to follow & easy to learn. This is something that we really can do!

I have to say you guys are great! Each and every one of you has the knowledge and experience to teach. I love your different personalities & how you took the time to mingle amongst all of us. I think we all felt at home with your Team. You have a great thing going here! You have created an awesome Family here! Thank you for making us part of that family! Thank you for keeping it simple enough that even I can attempt to learn! Your excitement & enthusiasm about your job makes it exciting for us who are just beginning! Thank you guys for a wonderful week!

- Bobbie L.

I have spent way too much money on more than one Options Educator group. These guys are the REAL DEAL.

- Emilu B.

OptionsANIMAL  has given me the experience I needed to manage trades, I learned new trades and have gained a lot of confidence.

- Dale S.

I have better understanding of options strategies, better understanding of stock prices, and have increased revenue to 5% a month

- Vincent J.M.

Great course content, excellent coaches, your ongoing education has given me a new lease on retirement. I set a monthly goal of 5k, It went to 8k, now it's at 10-12k.

- Michael T.A.

Making Money! My experience level has moved up to give me consistent results. The best course for the money and support, you can't beat it, hands down. And it gets better every day, Thanks to Jeff, Kevin, Eric, Phil! Great job for changing my life. Anytime you need something just call me.

- Maynard K.

I have been able to overcome Fear and Greed. I now have more discipline in planning trades with primary and secondary exit points. I am able to stick to fundamental convictions of a direction of a stock while staying hedged.

- Seng G.

I have a game plan before I enter a trade. Why I'm in the trade, primary & secondary exit. It takes away the emotion from the trade. I have different adjustments in case a trade goes against me. Overall I've reduced my anxiety knowing the risk in my trades.

- Rakesh R.

Keep up the Great work - Great Staff Thank God for OptionsANIMAL!

- Samuel H.

The whole program brings a whole new level of understanding, allowing me to be much more patient.

- Cameron M.

The education I'm obtaining is what got me on track to accomplish my investing goals.

- Doug P.

To date I have learned most about my own weaknesses and how I can overcome them.

This program is unlike any other that is being offered today. I am extremely impressed with all of the staff, both instructors and administrative. And I am impressed by the true caring shown by all for my success. I have recommended this program to my friends and have joined. I plan on continuing to spread the word as far as I can.

- Loren G.

I understand the process & mechanics of trading now soooo much more than before. I look back on my previous trading now and wonder "what was I thinking?" The co-operative learning community has been very useful in the learning process. It is very satisfying to reach this level in my trading education where I feel I am starting to have a handle on this. I find that the integrity and relaxed attitudes of the coaches make a conducive learning environment. Thanks for making good on your promise of providing a useful and effective options trading education.

- Amy S.

I have a much greater knowledge of how to trade successfully and thoroughly plan each trade from start to finish. I now have a very good knowledge of the options instrument and how to effectively use them. The program works. It has allowed us to focus our energy and attention on being more directed on our trading.

- Jon S.

I'm very pleased with the program; the teachers are wonderful, sincere, humble, and nice guys. The accessibility to the teachers has shown me that they really care.

- Jayme P.

I really appreciate the fact that every person involved at OptionsANIMAL has been helpful, very friendly and genuinely concerned about my needs and concerns and that makes you #1

- Craig L.

All personnel are professional with high degree of integrity with the ability to explain & make clear a very complicated trading process. If I fail in being able to understand & trade options it will not be OptionsAnimal's Fault.

- Richard J.S.

The personal interaction with instructors is unparallel. We felt like part of the family from the first week. We believe that everyone at OptionsANIMAL really wants us to succeed. We hope that when we have gained some expertise that we can contribute something for the gift we have been given.

- Dave B.

Especially when I am around the people of OptionsANIMAL I am grateful with their energy and commitment to education. It is pretty obvious online but even more in person. It is really a pleasure to be associated with an organization like this.

- Lee H.

I am much more comfortable with the options process & feel confident I can succeed with real money in my trading account. I am more able to relax and leave my trading for a longer time. I continue to lean and trade more confidently using OptionsANIMAL. Patience is a major factor.

- Henry V.

Hope all is well with you! My purpose of my note is simply to let you know that I perceive a great value from your OptionsANIMAL course. I would like you to know that I set out seeking a mentor in retail spread trading - and to learn how to do it. Your company has definitely provided exactly that!

I've mentioned to you before that my background is in financial services. I have been in 'Big-5' consulting, as a director in the Capital Markets practice for Price Waterhouse, where I have been focused on the developed of market and credit risk management systems and processes from an institutional point-of-view. One of my teams developed a portfolio trading and risk management system for fixed income and derivatives, including exotic option pricing and assimilation into an institutional value-at-risk model.

I have also held an officer position at Goldman Sachs and been in charge of the national financial services consulting group for a major tax and audit firm (BDO Seidman).

But I have never traded my own account until this year - where I mostly traded directionally and was less than happy with the results.

Being in consulting and involved in the NYU Stein School of Business as a yearly guest lecturer on risk management, I have learned that you never stop learning. So that idea has recently encouraged me to seek out a better way to trade.

So, thank you for your program!

- Ann R.

I am only 2-3 months as a member, but the quality has been superb, the Grand Canyon size egos so pronounced in some other financial training offerings wonderfully absent in OptionsANIMAL, and the emphasis on learning greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, for I am grateful for having discovered OptionsANIMAL.

- Jim S.

I am having a lot of fun and good learning from the classes and chats of OptionsANIMAL. It does correspond to my expectations. I am getting many courses per week in addition to 4 chats per week. I realize the chats are as important as the courses. I am learning a lot from Greg, and Jeff as well as from the other students so far. The Animal Trades are clear, practical and easy to use. I am doing some real and virtual trading based on them. I also like the tools section and community forums which is useful to quick consultations after the classes as well as the CDs to reinforce the learning. Good stuff!

- Fabio C.

Your "Adjusting the Collar Trade" class was great...so much better when I understand what you are talking about. By the way...I understand how to structure the Bull Put. I have to admit...I never thought I would understand all of this but when the light came on (as you said it would)...well, Thanks for your patience!

You get an A+ for your teaching skills.

- Dave G.

I am looking forward to understanding all the technical analysis that was being discussed, but for now, I am really beginning to get a handle on the definitions and the way options work. I am thrilled with this new adventure and feel that after I have done all my work and attended the classes, nothing will hold me back from investing confidently and logically.

Once again, a big thank you for offering me this opportunity. I can already see it is worth much more than the price I paid. I have paid $5,000 before for one 3 day seminar. What I am getting here is so much more valuable!

- Beth H.

I am having the best time!

I took three classes this week.

Now I see what everyone raves about.

Coaches are nice, caring, compassionate, teach very clearly, answer questions so clearly it's as though they read your mind...let's you know they REALLY have been in your shoes and wants better for you!

What a great crew Greg has put together!

- Angell R.

I have gone through what I would call a CRASH course on Options. All of the video's, workbooks, and CDROMs that was sent to me. What a load of information.

I will be going through it once again as it has way to much info for me to comprehend. I have done some trades now (just collar trades to protect the stocks that I own. Also got rid of some from the technical & 'due diligence' of reviewing the stocks that I owned. Since I've done this class now. I have STOPPED losing money in the market. From the beginning, lost almost 30% of my money. So what a refreshing and pleasing course... to stop this losing. Now I'm going to start making money in up and down markets. Super! Unbelievable.

- Ken C.

Prior to this class I still had some reservations about getting this trading thing down pat within a reasonable time. That class put everything in perspective. You have a unique ability to be able to make the complex understandable no matter what level of students you address, while at the same time keeping the class interested and believing that we can also duplicate your success.

For selfish reasons, I hope to be able to benefit from your experience, knowledge, and ability to communicate so well, at least until I get my trading legs under me. I know that there are a lot of others that feel the same way, though they may not always express it. Thanks again for doing such an outstanding job so consistently.

- Jay W.

Thanks for taking the time to throw some of your valuable thoughts my way.

I am so glad I made the decision to go to OptionsANIMAL and having the opportunity to learn and share with people like you.

Thanks Again,

- Steve S.

I think it's great that you guys are doing this and I see it as a long term thing for me. One area I need encouraged in is to continue with classes and chats even if all my money is wrapped up in trades. Keep working hard - you're changing lives one trade at a time. There's a great motto for OptionsANIMAL: "Changing lives one trade at a time!"

Take Care!

- C.M.

Thanks for inquiring. The course work which I have completed has been great. Some of the courses have been taken several times as I acquire new pearls of wisdom each time. I have really enjoyed them. I have done all the courses now.

I have also been successful at employing the trading techniques, and most of the time, and earning some very reasonable profits.

I am really looking forward to further mastering the techniques and getting proficient, which I'm sure will take some time, but is clearly well on its way.

Hope all is well with you.

Thanks for convincing me to invest the time and energy into this.

- Jan.

I am very happy with the program and am building my confidence level. I find the structure, instructors and class availability all very satisfactory. As you said the most valuable part of this program is learning to adjust trades. I am learning to think 2-3 moves ahead when planning strategies.

Glad to be with OptionsANIMAL,

- Steve S.

I'm now doing my own research and not listening to the talking heads as much.

- Jesse D.

I'm more secure in my trading. Less fear and I enter more trades now. I exit or correct losing trade quicker. I'm satisfied with 50% to 80% of my expected ROI especially if the market changes the signals.

- Rita M.

We get great help on adjustments from the coaches, I feel they really care. Greg's book has really helped me understand the basics, I have gained confidence from it.

- Larry D.

I'm continuously adding new layers of understanding- GREAT! I really appreciate being able to repeat and review material, and I get better with every review.

- Jane T.

I believe all of you at OptionsANIMAL are doing a great job. I would like to thank each and every one of you!

- Fred W.

I am successfully meeting my personal goals and consistently increasing my ability to take successful trades and to adjust trades as price moves.

- Ken G.

I have more confidence in placing trades. The coaches are all very friendly and helpful and feel like "Friends".

- Cindee D.

OptionsANIMAL has given me the freedom to leave my own accounting firm, created a new business that give me the ability to travel, and love all aspects of my job.

- William W.

I have many new strategies for investing in any market.

-Jim J.

Now I understand the intricacies of the options instrument better, and am learning how to structure better trades. I am learning to have better discipline.

- Karen S.

We now know how to make adjustments when market conditions change.

- Bruce S.

Since joining my understanding of spread trading , how the market ties to your trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis of companies and how everything has an effect on your stock, has greatly improved.

- Stanley M.

Now I have a deeper understanding of the behavior of instruments & strategies which leads to higher level of confidence. I believe that I can achieve my goals & and financial independence.

- Jeff W.

I have much greater confidence based upon my education and interaction with the coaches.

- Jay M.

I am more confident about my trading I am more focused on trading and have trading plans and I'm not taking as much risk.

- Stanley W.

I needed a good, consistent educator and I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it either. After wasting money on 2 other options educators and being very disappointed, I found an ethical group that has taught me all of it, soup to nuts. I highly recommend them. But, I tell you honestly, that it will take dedication and time for any student. (Take it from one who was pretty arrogant about this.)

- Emilu B.

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