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Student Summits

Simply stated, OptionsANIMAL offers the highest quality education found at any live workshop in the industry.  Over the course of several days, the OptionsANIMAL student summits offer a mix of instruction, fun, and entertainment.  Typically, each student summit will feature the following:

  • Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment Analysis
  • Trading Strategies for current market conditions
  • Practical Application of these strategies
  • Interaction with OptionsANIMAL coaches and staff
  • Group trading sessions evaluated by the OptionsANIMAL coaching staff
  • Networking with a community of investors and students
The stock market is constantly changing.  As a result, OptionsANIMAL adjusts its focus at each student summit to take advantage of current market conditions. At OptionsANIMAL, students don’t have to go it alone, they get learn side by side with an entire community of investors.

Students who attend  student summits go away with:

  • Trading ideas to use over the next few months
  • Knowledge that helps them profit regardless of market direction
  • Peace of mind that can only come from the OptionsANIMAL is trading community

Here is  what a few students have to say about OptionsANIMAL student summits.

This was my first summit and I enjoyed it very much. Great opportunity to network and share ideas! Also a great learning experience. I enjoy interaction of the coaches and the different trading styles!”– Dennis L.

“Summit was great, content as usual was superb. Jeff’s trade – fantastic!”– Thom S.

“The summits are a great addition to the classes. The instructors are not all in one mode, they have very different styles and allow you to pick what works best for you.”– Rick K.

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