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Student Success Stories

Joe and Jackie F.

"Options Animal became our logical choice"

To Our Friends and Coaches at Options Animal,

We just had to drop you this note of appreciation for all we have learned at OptionsAnimal.

Prior to Options Animal we had experience with other stock and options educational training programs. We knew that we had to make progress but we also knew that we were not quite grasping the things we were supposed to be learning. In fact, the first half of this year showed that we knew just enough to lose $46,000.

As traders we knew that if we treated this as a hobby it would pay us like a hobby, and if we treated this as a business it would pay us like a business. We chose to make this our business. So we interviewed several stock and options training programs and we watched and participated in a couple of sample OA introductory webinars. Options Animal became our logical choice because of how generous the coaches were with their time and energy in explaining different details during those introductory webinars and assuring us we “could do this.”

Within six months and while applying OA strategies we were able to make up over 40K of the losses we had incurred earlier in the year! In addition to that, all but two trades that we have closed since beginning with Options Animal have been profitable! Have they all gone the way we expected? No. Through the education program at Options Animal, however, we have learned how to adjust our trades in order not to suffer loss. We experienced “aha” moments like adjusting vertical put spreads to collared stock ownership (who knew?!), and proper position sizing (somehow it made sense now), and using the Greeks to our own advantage.

We are anxiously looking forward to 2011 and all the trading opportunities we will learn to take advantage of.

Thank you to everyone at OA, - Joe and Jackie F.

Hershell T.

"My Results So Far"

I want to share the results of my trading since I started applying my optionsanimal course. I have averaged about $500.00 per day profit using mostly selling puts on stocks that have a strong upward trend. I also only buy options of stocks I would like to own if the market goes against me and I am unable to reverse my loss. This has proven to be a valuable approach and my portfolio is up about $15,000 over the last two months. I hope this is useful to others and any information that I can give to help others is always available. I have stopped a major loss in one of my stocks by trading verticals and have also made money back on another losing trade by buying puts.

Sincerely, - Hershell T.

Donna O.

"I can’t say enough great things about OA!"

I have been a student with Optionsanimal for 2 years now and traded stocks and options for 12 years before that. In that period of time I have spent more money on trading education than I care to admit, even to myself! Since becoming a member of the OA community I can honestly say I could have traded in all that education for my OA training and come out way ahead.

One of the things I like most about their program is the methodical steps they have taken me through to learn options trading, one step at a time, each building on the last. Another great aspect of their value added program is the diverse set of coaches. They each have something unique to bring to the training classes and I absolutely love them all! The program is structured such that you can’t cheat your way to the end! You have to learn the lessons before you can move ahead and that assures you that you will absolutely “get it” before you can graduate.

OA offers such a full calendar of lesson opportunities so no one has an excuse of inconvenient scheduling. You can take live classes, recorded classes from prior live sessions, or recorded canned lessons, all at your own convenience. The coaches are always available throughout the week for open coaching sessions and their Community Forum gives you internet access to any coach all the time.

I really feel each coach is committed to each and every student and their success. OA feels more like a family to me than a business or a training platform. No matter what my question or where I get stuck, I have always been encouraged with positive support.

And lastly, but not the least, is their Customer Service. Unlike many other services, they actually have a contact number that is staffed regular hours with support here in the US! I have never had an issue reaching someone immediately to help with my question.

Bottom line is I can’t say enough great things about OA!

One happy student,

Sincerely, - Donna O.

Robin S.

"Found just what I've been looking for"

I had dabbled in options for nearly 6 years before finding optionsanimal. I was looking for a trading technique I could apply during my working years, and continue to use after I retire. I knew there was lots of money to be made with options, and the whole idea of option trading fascinated me. But although I subscribed to numerous options advisories and read books, trying to learn on my own, I just never could "crack the code." When I saw the presentation on the optionsanimal method, I knew I had finally found the detailed instruction, practical trading strategies and supportive culture I'd been looking for.

In just a couple of months I had recouped my tuition, and in the months since then I've continued to generate a healthy income. With one put-selling strategy, I'm averaging about a 33% annualized return. With more practice, I expect to do even better. What I've found with OptionsANIMAL is definitely a relationship, not just training. It has given me the skills to make a comfortable living, regardless of what happens with the economy. Nowadays, that's really saying something.

Thanks again for your follow-up and thanks to all your wonderful coaches for the time, expertise and care they put into their presentations.

Sincerely, - Robin S.

John P.

"Am I ever glad that I did join optionsanimal"

I have had nothing but great experiences with OptionsANIMAL. I’m at level 8 now and am continuing forward but more slowly as life has gotten busier and busier especially with me monitoring my accounts. You mentioned that you would like to hear the story that I mentioned so here it is.

My wife’s father passed away and left her his small house and an old lake cottage that the entire family enjoys all summer long. We decided to take the proceeds of the sale of his house and dedicate it to rebuilding the cottage into an all season home. At the sale of the house we received about $325,000.00 and we added some other money to it for a total of $350,000. I then put it into an account at a brokerage I trust. After a year or so it eventually leaped to around $355,000.00 (I must admit I did tell him to keep it safe.) I transferred the $355,000 to a joint account, thinking I could do so much better. One year and four months later that account was valued at $825,000,

Sporadically I invested in some stocks such as Apple because I knew where it was going but I’d say that 95% of the growth is through my OptionsANIMAL training and the use of calls, short calls, and mostly bull puts. We’ll be able to build a nice home now with hopefully enough left in the account to continue paying for property taxes, insurance and maintenance through my training.

After much consideration I decided to spend the money and join the OA group. Am I ever glad that I did. Circumstances with one of my children have me supporting his family until his health gets better. With my training I’m able to do that as well as help all my children grow their assets.

Thanks to the Options Animal group and the Jensen’s for giving me a super continuing education in options trading.

Sincerely, - John P.

Our Students Love Us

This course is the most in depth study of options that I have experienced. Having over 30 years experience trading in the stock market and an MBA, I thought I had knowledge. I did but it was only superficial. Well worth the money.
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