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#1 Options Trading Education

OptionsANIMAL Trader Professional

The Most Complete Trading Education In The Industry

Obtain a firm grasp on Options Instruments and a full understanding of how to put your trading into action with practical application sessions that allow you to watch our experts place trades from start to finish.

We will teach you to use advanced trade adjustments to allow you to trade with confidence in any market condition.

Trader Professional Package Includes:

1 Year Access to Levels 1-8 including Live, On Demand, and Archived versions.

Live Coaching Sessions

Daily Help Sessions

Weekly Internet Broadcast of Current Market News and Hot Stock Trade Ideas

Online Testing

Tax Write-off

Access To All of Our Live Summits; 2-3 annually at no additional charge

Performance Guarantee

1 on 1 exit-interview with one of our instructors to ensure comprehension

Level 1

Due Diligence

  • Orientation
  • Six-Step Trading Method
  • Stock Market Basics
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical & Sentimental Analysis
  • Economic Events

Level 2

Options Instruments

  • Defining Options
  • Options Instrument
  • Volatility
  • The Greeks

Level 3

Credit Spreads & Intro to Adjustments

  • Covered Call
  • Bull Put
  • Bear Call
  • Iron Condor

Level 4

Debit Spreads & Adjustments

  • Bull Call
  • Bear Put
  • Put Calendar
  • Call Calendar
  • Diagonals

Level 5

Hedged Trades & Adjustments

  • Straddle
  • Strangle
  • Protective Put
  • Advanced Covered Call
  • Collar Trade

Level 6

Practical Application

  • Portfolio Management
  • Technical Analysis Workshop
  • Fundamental Analysis Workshop
  • Practical Application Workshop

Level 7

Trade Adjustments

  • Adjusting the Options Instrument
  • Adjusting the Collar Trade
  • Adjusting Options Instrument Flow Charts
  • Adjusting Call Spreads Flow Charts
  • Adjusting Put Spreads Flow Charts
  • Trade Adjustments Workshop

Level 8

Advanced Trade Strategies & Adjustments

  • Outside the Box Bull Puts & Bull Calls
  • Calendar Strangles
  • Adjusting Into Ratio Spreads
  • Adjusting Into Winged Spreads
  • Adjusting Into Double Diagonals
  • Adjusting Into Synthetic Collar Trades
  • Advanced Time Decay Theory
  • Advanced Options Workshop

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