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OptionsANIMAL Mentor

The Complete Package – Accelerated

OptionsANIMAL Mentor is for traders who want one-on-one tutoring to propel their investments to the next level.

Whether you are struggling with a basic concept, or want the extra hands-on tutoring from our experts, OptionsANIMAL Mentor is a special program that will add value to your personal trading style. Add Mentor onto any OptionsANIMAL Program, and choose an instructor who suits you.


Mentor Package Includes:

1 Mentoring Session per month, one-on-one with an OptionsANIMAL Coach

1 Year Access to Levels 1-8 including Live, On Demand, and Archived versions

Live Coaching Sessions

Daily Help Sessions

Weekly Internet Broadcast of Current Market News and Hot Stock Trade Ideas

Online Testing

Tax Write-off

Access To All of Our Live Summits; 2-3 annually at no additional charge

Performance Guarantee

1 on 1 exit-interview with one of our instructors to ensure comprehension

Level 1

Due Diligence

  • Orientation
  • Six-Step Trading Method
  • Stock Market Basics
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical & Sentimental Analysis
  • Economic Events

Level 2

Options Instruments

  • Defining Options
  • Options Instrument
  • Volatility
  • The Greeks

Level 3

Credit Spreads & Intro to Adjustments

  • Covered Call
  • Bull Put
  • Bear Call
  • Iron Condor

Level 4

Debit Spreads & Adjustments

  • Bull Call
  • Bear Put
  • Put Calendar
  • Call Calendar
  • Diagonals

Level 5

Hedged Trades & Adjustments

  • Straddle
  • Strangle
  • Protective Put
  • Advanced Covered Call
  • Collar Trade


Level 6

Practical Application

  • Portfolio Management
  • Technical Analysis Workshop
  • Fundamental Analysis Workshop
  • Practical Application Workshop

Level 7

Trade Adjustments

  • Adjusting the Options Instrument
  • Adjusting the Collar Trade
  • Adjusting Options Instrument Flow Charts
  • Adjusting Call Spreads Flow Charts
  • Adjusting Put Spreads Flow Charts
  • Trade Adjustments Workshop

Level 8

Advanced Trade Strategies & Adjustments

  • Outside the Box Bull Puts & Bull Calls
  • Calendar Strangles
  • Adjusting Into Ratio Spreads
  • Adjusting Into Winged Spreads
  • Adjusting Into Double Diagonals
  • Adjusting Into Synthetic Collar Trades
  • Advanced Time Decay Theory
  • Advanced Options Workshop


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