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Jon Najarian and OptionsANIMAL Team Up for Education in Shaumburg, IL


OptionsAnimalTM Trading Workshop in the Chicago Area
When: Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Doors open at 8:30)

Where: Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel

Address: 1551 N. Thoreau Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60173

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Animal Trader Workshop
Join Jon ‘DRJ’ Najarian and Greg Jensen from OptionsANIMAL, for a full day stock and options education event. Learn as these two options veterans talk about where the market is today, where it is going, and how to put the odds of success in your favor by employing strategies best suited for today’s market.
Regardless of which way the market goes, learn proven strategies that can make money in any market. Learn how you can manage fear and greed in every trade you place, become a more consistent trader, and take control of your financial future.
Join the tens of thousands of investors who have changed their lives by attending this one day seminar. The bottom line is that no one cares for your money more than you, so take charge and register today.
Don’t miss this event!
What You Will Get Out of This Class…
  • Introduction and Options Basics
  • What it takes to be a consistent trader in 6 easy steps
  • Intermediate and advanced Spread Trading strategies that can be used to hedge any position
  • Portfolio management for the modern Investor
  • Learn what Trade Adjustments can do for you and see how to start implementing them in your trading
  • LIVE implementation and practical application of the options instruments
  • Questions and Answers

    Workshop located in Schaumburg, IL October 9, 2010 9am-5pm

  • Register by Phone: 888-225-1155

    By Email: [email protected]

Or Reserve Your Seat NOW Online
Greg Jensen

Greg Jensen was first turned on to option trading in 1996 while attending Utah State University. He decided to dedicate himself full time to it rather than find work to pay for his tuition. He quickly started making more money monthly than some of his professors. Impressed, family members and friends started asking him how he was making his money and his mentoring/RIA business was started. Now Greg is the Chief trainer and CEO of OptionsANIMAL. He has worked with such organizations and individuals as Forbes Inc, TradeMONSTER, Active Trader Magazine, Reuters, Whiley Publishing, Jon ‘DRJ’ Najarian (CNBC contributor), optionMONSTER, tradeMONSTER, CBOE and other like publications and companies. Author of the Wiley Trading Series newest addition, “Spread Trading – An Introduction to Trading Options in Nine Simple Steps,” which like his live education, focuses on trade adjustments and turning losing positions into winning trades. Greg has trained thousands of people to be successful in any market condition.

Jon Najarian

Jon ‘DRJ’ Najarian is a professional investor, noted media analyst and speaker, and co-founder of optionMONSTER. Following a brief stint as a Chicago Bears linebacker, Jon launched his financial career at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in 1981, trading in the pits for some 25 years. In 1989 he founded Mercury Trading, running the company for 15 years until 2004, when he sold his floor-trading operations to Citadel, one of the world’s largest hedge funds. More recently, Jon – often known after his CBOE floor call letters ‘DRJ’ – has developed and patented trading applications used to identify unusual activity in stock, options, and futures markets. Most notable is the Heat Seeker program, which uncovers extraordinary buying patterns from among the millions of quotes per second that stream from America’s stock, options, and futures exchanges. In addition to, Jon’s research and analysis is widely cited by leading financial media including the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Reuters, and Bloomberg. Jon is a CNBC contributor and webcasts on CBOE-TV.

What Others have said:

“OptionsAnimal gave me the experience I needed to manage trades, I learned new trades and gained some confidence.”-Dale S

“I have a game plan before I enter a trade. Why I’m in the trade, primary & secondary exit. It tables away the emotion from the trade. I have different adjustments incase a trade goes against me. Overall I’ve reduces my anxiety knowing the risk in my trade.“-Rakesh R

“One of the most compelling and viable approaches to real investing strategies I’ve come across”-Michael H

“The whole program brings a whole new level of understanding, allowing me to be much more patient.-Cameron M

I am so pleased at how much I am learning! OptionsAnimal is a GREAT classroom. It certainly is taking the learning curve and the “sting” out of learning option trading! If you only knew how many hours that I’ve dug, jackhammered, pick-axed, and dug some more just trying to find information on option trading and the methods of using it! Barnes and Nobel didn’t have anything and I found very little on any search engine. And I’ve been doing research in general for many years on the internet. I usually find stuff that no one else can! Thank God for OptionsAnimal!”-Angell

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