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Thorough and investigative due diligence is the foundation of profitable investing. In level 1, you will learn how to research your stocks properly. Specifically, you will learn how fundamental, technical and sentimental analysis help you set proper investment expectations. Fundamental analysis introduces specific tools to help you evaluate a company's financial health. You will learn how growth rates, valuation ratios, and management performance affect the underlying equity price. Technical analysis teaches you the three most important indicators to accurately identify entry and exit points and support and resistance levels. Level 1 concludes with sentimental analysis - a focused study on how unemployment reports, interest rates, and overall market sentiment affect the equities we trade.


Level 2 introduces the four options instruments; Long Call, Short Call, Long Put, and Short Put. There are only two option contracts; the Call Option and the Put Option. Level 2 teaches both basic and intermediate concepts for put and call options. Knowing how options move in contrast to the stock price or how they move due to increases or decreases in market volatility is essential in maximizing the use of options. You will learn the rights, obligations, risks, and potential rewards of all four option instruments. Additionally, level 2 will introduce the greeks and how they affect the price of options as conditions change.


Level 3 teaches credit spreads. You will learn the four most common types of credit trades; the Covered Call, the Bull Put, the Bear Call, and the Iron Condor. Credit spreads are "get paid to trade" strategies, meaning the options trader receives payment for opening the trade. Since most options expire worthlessly, these trades are very attractive to educated option traders. OptionsANIMAL coaches use real-time data, charts, options chains, etc., to show how these options strategies come together and are properly applied. Additionally, Level 3 will teach you how to control the emotions of fear and greed by setting primary and secondary exit points for each trade.


Level 4 teaches debit spreads. You will learn the four most common debit trades; the Bull Call, the Bear Put, the Put Calendar, and the Call Calendar. Debit Spreads are "Pay to Play" strategies, meaning the trader has to pay to open the trade. Debit spreads are very popular because the risk is limited to the amount of money (the Debit) the investor pays to open the trade. Debit trades can be used to take advantage of any market trend.


You will master the use of Hedge Trades in Level 5. Hedging strategies are particularly popular in retirement accounts because the risk is minimized. Most of the trades at this level involve stock ownership. Specifically, you will learn the Collar Trade, Straddles, Strangles, Protective Puts, and Advanced Covered Calls. For investors who trade equities, mastery of Hedged Trades will significantly impact their success in the market.


Level 6 is dedicated to applying the strategies taught in Levels 1-5. At this level, we shift from defining theory and move to the practice and application of trades we've learned. Successful investors can apply trades in the real world. An in-depth Technical Analysis workshop teaches you to better time your entries and exits and intuitively forecast changes in trends and swings. Students finish this level with our popular Practical Application Workshop.


At this level, we will look deeply into the adjustment process. This trade adjustment process is central to the OptionsANIMAL 6-Step Trading System. For those trades that move contrary to our research or technical indications, the trade adjustment concept taught in Level 7 provides students with the advanced training and application to turn losing trades into winners. Level 7 courses are dedicated to trade adjustments and the OptionsANIMAL Trade Adjustment Flow Charts. Upon completion of Level 7, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to react properly to any market situation. Finally, Level 7 concludes with an Instructor lead workshop where the group works through the adjustments of trades that have gone bad.


In Level 8, you will take on advanced application of the strategies learned in earlier levels. These advanced strategies have the potential to offer significant investment returns. Level 8 provides an almost unlimited array of creative strategies. These strategies use options different from standard trade applications, and instructors present their variations on many trading topics. Additionally, you will be encouraged to think "outside the box." The lessons and concepts found in Level 8 are found nowhere else and are exclusive to OptionsANIMAL.

Our Students Love Us

Options Animal has been great to work with. There are many trainers to work with who have different styles of teaching and trading. I have found several that I like and learn from. The training they gave me has benefitted me so much that the gains I have made in my trading account has more than paid for my subscription to the lessons. Love this company and their trainers!
I am really happy I decided to subscribe to OptionsAnimal. Trading options is not easy, but OptionsAnimal provides you with all the information you need to trade options successfully. They cover all the different option trades, and, in the higher level lectures, they have algorithms which guide you through the management of trades after they are placed. I highly recommend OptionsAnimal.
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