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The value of investing education

OptionsANIMAL is a leading provider of online trading education emphasizing in stock and options trading. We have developed a trading system that has gained a phenomenal reputation and an overwhelming positive response from professional traders, students, brokers, and analysts around the country. We have taught thousands of students how to be smarter investors, how to protect their retirements to build a better lifestyle, how to profit regardless of market direction, and how to manage risk effectively.

Eliminating Risk Through Education

Who hasn’t heard trading options can be risky? What most people don’t realize is one of the reasons options were actually created was to minimize risk. We teach students how to use options to manage risk properly and that by structuring trades with pre-determined entries and exits, you can lower your exposure and increase your winning probability. Our main focus is to help people reach their investing goals whether it’s capital preservation, wealth creation, or simply taking control of their own lives through financial security. Our students reach their goals utilizing our 6-step process. Results are achieved through commitment to a time-tested and time-proven system developed by OptionsANIMAL CEO Greg Jensen.

“I would like to personally express my thanks to everyone at OptionsANIMAL for helping me find a way to accomplish something I have always wanted to do. The teaching of the courses is excellent; our ability to take and retake them is wonderful… the goal becomes do-able with the way the courses are structured and the sincere interest you show your students… watch out world!”

– Sharon L. Vandalia, IL

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