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The Summit is approaching! The Summit is approaching!

Can you believe that its only 10 days until the Chicago Summit begins?! We are going to have a really great time.

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Cubs game, TOS tour, CBOE, and the most important part of all – the coaches presentations (all new…)

I have seen all the presentations and they are really excellent. Eric (who is never short for words!) has outdone himself with his Implied Volatility presentation. I don’t think that he gets much sleep… Anyway, not to give everything away, the presentations are great. There is a large amount of material being covered in the presentations – new material.

I have a suggestion/recommendation for you: if you want to take notes home from this Summit (and I know that you will), buy the notes package available through the Website. There are over 125 pages (double-sided) of notes. Um, are you sure that you want to WRITE 250 pages of material? Me either… At least if you have the notes ahead of time, then you can pay closer attention to what the speaker is saying and fill in the minor notes that are spoken. See what I’m saying? Besides – the slides are typed (interpretation – easy to read!) and there is space to add your own notes. So if I were you (that would be awkward, but you get the point!), I’d get the slides for the Summit… It just makes your time that much more productive and enjoyable.

Did I mention that the Summit is in just 10 days???? Ye Haw! Let’s ride!

Jeff McAllister

OptionsANIMAL Instructor

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I was with Options Animal for 18 months and learned so much useful information that I needed in order to trade options successfully. I am very satisfied with my experience working with them. There is an abundance of resources on their website and I was able to post questions to the coaches and other participants with responses that were quick and answered all my questions. It took a lot of hard work on my part to learn this but their education was top notch. They are a very professional company and I wish I could stay on with them but at the same time, I feel I’ve learned enough to move forward on my own. I highly recommend Options ns Animal to anyone who is truly wanting to learn to trade options
I found this to be an outstanding program - in-depth knowledge you cannot find anywhere else and the staff is always very supportive. I give it an A++.
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