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Unique, Custom Solutions

All investors and traders are the same, right? Of course not!

You could be looking for aggressive growth, to preserve capital, to hedge a stock portfolio, to cash flow through retirement using options, or a combination of some of those things.

Regardless of your unique goals, we have a solution for you.

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Key Features

Live Classes
Self-Paced Learning
Active Trading Community
Expert Market Analysis
On Demand Classes
Beginner Track
Live Chat Q&A Sessions
In-Person Student Summits
Calculators & Short-Cuts
Advanced Track
Phone Support
Checks & Balances
Weekly Trades
Certified Instructors
1 on 1 Tutoring
Practical Application Workshops

Why Trade Options


Consistent Income

You can use options to target a consistent income from the stock market.

  • High probability Of Success
  • Supplement Your Income

Preservation of Capital

Just because the market pulls back doesn't mean you have to take a hit in your account. Options can be used to protect your stocks.

  • Avoid The Next Major Crash
  • Avoid Bad Earnings Events
  • Worry Less About The News

Make Money in Any Market

Whether the market is up, down, or sideways, you can use options to take advantage of any trend.

  • Bear Markets Can Be Profitable
  • Sideways Markets, No Problem
  • Bull Markets Too

Trade Adjustments

Let's face it; we've all had a trade or two recently go against us. You can use options to fix losing trades.

  • 90% Track Record
  • Fix Hopeless Trades
  • Back-up Plans For Every Trade

What You'll Learn From OptionsANIMAL

Stock Selection
Credit Spreads
Volatility & Option Pricing
Selecting A Broker
Chart Reading
Debit Spreads
Option Greeks
Small Account Strategies
Emotional Psychology
Risk Management
Trade Adjustment
Large Account Strategies
Option Contracts
Neutral Strategies
Adjustment Flow Charts
Finding Opportunities
Income Strategies
Aggressive Strategies
Position Sizing
Your Ideal Trading Style

Call 1-888-297-9165 and customize your solution today

Our Students Love Us

I have been trading options for several years with some success just as a hobby, when I decided to trade options as a business and a source of a regular income, i searched for an educational platform to enhance my understanding and of the market dynamics when it comes to trading option I discovered Options Animals, called them, confirm that this was an educational focused platform that I could benefit from. The rest is history, I could not be happier with the results and support I received over time. They will teach you on how to enjoy the success rate of 90 plus percent of profitable trading with a thoughtful methodology and a plan of execution.
I am sold for life. Keep up the great work everyone.
Thank you,
Steven Hollosi
By far the best educational source for options trading that I have found in my 4+ years of learning. An incredible amount of information, education, and support - worth every investment penny for anyone serious about learning options trading. The most helpful, passionate, and skilled instructors - all with different perspectives that make it easy to find your own path instead of getting told what your path should be.
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