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Retail Stocks with Greg Jensen 8-14-2014

Presented by Greg Jensen

Video Transcription

Greg Jensen: My name is Greg. Glad to be with you today. As always, before we get started into our presentation today, I need to remind you the information
in the presentation is for educational purposes only. It should in no way be considered recommendation to buy or sell a security. Remember that the options
in equity markets do involve risk, and you should a firm understanding of the rights, risks, and the obligations associated with any of your trading
instruments before considering placing any type of trade.

I want to do a little audio check to make sure you’re hearing me okay. If you could inside of the question bar just give me a heads up, saying that you’re
hearing my audio just fine. Okay, perfect. Thank you, John Morris, and thank you everyone.

Let’s jump into a little bit of a discussion about retail. Specifically, what I like to refer to, this is the time of year when I often times go shopping
for retail stocks. This is sometimes you’ll find. It’s seems there’s pessimism. We’ll talk about that pessimism here in just a little bit.

I think one of the key things that you need to, or at least I know a lot of questions that are often times asked, “Well how do you find opportunities in
the market right now?” We’re at all time highs in the S&P. It seems like we go to a newer high every day, and I know we had a little bit of a pullback,
what about three, three and a half percent? Now we’re back pushing up to highs again. It seems as if everywhere you turn, whether it’s CNBC for your
information, whether it’s Twitter, or whether it’s your broker, you get conflicting data and often times confusing data as to where you are looking and
what types of stocks you aught to be considering trading.

Let me just give you an example. Here’s one of the most recent posts, and I just pulled headlines up. Here’s the current headlines on Yahoo! Finance in
regards to retail. Notice just the headlines over here on the left. First of all the feature headline, it’s sad and pitiful, “Howard David Weighs In on
Walmart’s Latest Disappointment”, talking about Walmart’s earnings. “Retail E-tail Makeover: Slow Consumer Spending Hurts Retailers”, “Low Expectations For
Retailers”, “Thorns in the Market’s Side”, and it will go in and talk about retail. “Consumers are Smarter and More Frugal: Customer Penny Pinching is

Obviously it makes it look as if retail right now is dead. For those of you who are relatively new to the market and have never recognized this before,
you’re very likely going to be in for a surprise that every summer this is the story. What I’ve done here is I’ve gone back in time just a little bit, and
I’m just going to start at 2006, but I have noticed this pattern for the last 20 years, that really, with the exception of 2007 and 2008, that this pattern
occurs. Now why are 2007 and 2008 different? Well, we were in the midst of the financial bubble bursting and nothing was going up during that time because
everyone was in panic mode.

Again, let me just point out this pattern. 2006, notice this, for those of you who are like, “What is this retail? This isn’t the S&P.” This is the
XRT. If you’ve never seen the XRT before, this is an ETF, the SPDR ETF that tracks the S&P retail index. That’s the ticker symbol if you’ve never
looked at it before. I’m sure many of you who have seen, have watched any type of TV before has seen the XRT featured.

Notice the pattern that I’m going to point out here. This is the middle of August, here. In fact, I believe this is like August 10 in 2006, was the bottom
for the XRT and then it proceeded to rally. Here’s 2009. Here’s August right here. Now the bottom actually was back in July in 2009, but even in August
there was a significant rally. 2010, August, end of August in this case, started to then have a significant rally in 2010 in the XRT. Here’s 2011, and
there’s a little more volatility going on in 2011 than there was in the other years but still the same pattern. A low in August in about mid August here,
reaching about, and again, these are not insignificant moves.

Let’s look at dollar moves that we’re talking about here. 2006, we’re talking about a dollar move from 32.50 to 38.50 as the high. That’s a six dollar move
on a 32 dollar stock here. That’s about a 20 percent move to the upside. Here is a 29 dollar bottom right here move up to 35. Again, a six dollar move on a
29 dollar stock, about a 20 percent move. Here it moved from 35 up to 45, up to actually to about 47 by the end of December. Notice these are pretty
significant, and even inside of the volatility of 2011, you had a move from 43 up to 53. That’s a 10 dollar move on a 40 dollar stock. That’s about a 25
percent return.

Here’s 2012. Notice the same pattern. This one wasn’t as big of a move percentage wise but still significant, from 56.50 up to about 64. About an eight
dollar move, or about a 15 percent move to the upside. Here’s last year, 2013. The bottom was about August 20. August 26 and a rally from about 77 up to
about 88, where it peaked out right there. This is often times the pattern that we see going into the fourth quarter.

Some of you are like, “Well yeah, I know, because you always buy stocks around Thanksgiving, right?” No and in fact, if you wait until Thanks- … Here’s
again another common mistake that people make with retail investing. We don’t think about retail. We don’t think about our holiday shopping until
Thanksgiving, right? At least that’s often times the pattern that you see here, and whatever it is. Maybe it’s the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that gets
you excited for it. Maybe it’s just the big Black Friday Doorbuster.

That’s when it seems like all of the financial TV stations, CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox News Channel, Fox Money, all of these massive coverages about how are
Black Friday sales going? It doesn’t happen until the end of November. Notice that if you wait until November to get into some of the, at least in the XRT,
and you’ll find this when you start to look at individual names as well, that you’ve missed the move.

Here’s Thanksgiving right about here. Notice what it did the rest of the year in 2006. It didn’t do anything. Here’s 2009. Here’s Thanksgiving. Notice what
it did the rest of the year. 2010, here’s Thanksgiving. Pretty, and this one kind of slid a little bit higher but not much. 2011, Thanksgiving, well
Thanksgiving actually was down here. We got a little bit of a bounce back up, but ultimately the rally all happened prior to November. In fact, most of the
times the fourth quarter rally is in anticipation, will sometimes peak out in October in these retail names.

If you wait until Thanksgiving you’ve missed the run. Again, even last year we peaked out first of December. Now we had a little subsequent bounce and
rebound and ended up back, by the end of the year, back to where we were at the top at the end of November, but this is a pattern. This is a pattern that
can be traded. What do I expect this year, then?

Let’s go and look at some live quotes here. I’m going to pull up my brokerage platform. We’ll look at a couple individual names here as well, but let’s
just start out with the XRT. Notice that we have a sideways pattern primarily. Let’s go to a six month chart so we can see it a little bit better. Notice
we’ve got a sideways pattern again here in the XRT. We’ve got some pretty good support here at about 84 dollars, and one way that you could trade this
trend is to simply be generic, like the XRT. Those are all the examples I just showed you, were charts of the XRT.

Like I said before, if you start to dig into maybe some individual names, which we’ll do here in just a minute, you’ll notice the same pattern holds true
and in fact, in some cases it’s a little bigger move to the upside. However, in some cases you also have the individual risks of those individual stores.
If you’re the type of investor who says, “I just like the ETF approach. I see the trend of retail.” And you want to trade this trend. Absolutely, the XRT
is a great way to go about that.

How do I trade that pattern then? Well, there’s a lot of different strategies that you can employ here, whether you’re just an equity trader and you want
to just go long stock here, that’s the potential, you can do here. If you’re an options trader and you want to use some different option strategies, well
there are option strategies that can leverage your return and also limit your risk a little bit too, just in case you’re wrong. I’ll get to a couple
specific option strategies here in just a little bit, when we talk about some names.

The point I want to make here is that I can most likely expect, again, looking at past behavior. I know you hear the disclaimer all the time that says,
“Past behavior does not indicate future results, blah, blah, blah …” and I understand, as a licensed adviser in the past, again, my personal experiences,
we have to say that. From a regulatory standpoint, we have to say that because it is true. There are the 2007 and 2008 anomalies. Let me just go back and
look at, show you guys 2007 and 2008 as an example.

Let’s do this, make this full screen so I can scroll back there. We’ll go back to 2007 so you guys can see both of them. I’ll make it a little, I’ll bring
it in just a little tighter here so you will see this. So 2007 … let’s scroll back up here. Go through, there we go. Let me scroll, sorry, months back.
Right, but it’s not going to give me months here for some reason. Trade Monster’s not wanting to … November … That’s why, because I’m still over a
year. Hicky picky. There we go! Now I’ve got my months back in here on the monitor

Again, here’s 2008 as an example. We did still have a little bit of the rally. Notice we still had a little bit of the rally from August, on the XRT we
went from 30 and change up to about 35 and we were starting to move up into September, but then all the wheels started falling off the economy at this
point. You guys remember, this was Lehman Day. We had bankruptcies going on. We had Bear Stearns getting acquired. We had Fannie and Freddie going belly
up. You remember, this was just ultimate panic mode, so the market never realized the potential gain that could have happened here. The same thing is true
back in 2007.

From a regulatory standpoint, yes, past behavior does not necessarily indicate future results. I can’t jump in and say that the trend of the market, that I
can guarantee like we had last year, where we had the lows and we had the subsequent rally in this XRT, that it’s going to happen again this year, but I
also can be a smart enough trader to realize that patterns are there for a reason. The reason why patterns exist is because traders are the ones making the

A lot of people want to have this disconnect from the stock market and make it an impersonal thing. They try to say that the stock market is about all
these big companies like Apple and Google and Exxon Mobile and Microsoft. They try to become really impersonal with it and take things that they’re not
going to impact, in a way, the overall market. In reality, what makes up the stock market are individuals trading those stocks, not necessarily the stocks
of the companies themselves. It’s the individuals, and it’s the individuals who recognize this trading pattern and then make decisions on it.

I think it’s important for you as a trader to realize that and to realize those same institutions, and I say individuals, the individuals running those
institutions are doing the same thing right now. They’ve got their shopping cart out, getting ready to buy retail names. Now that takes you to the next
step, “Okay, well what do I do then? What names do I pick?” Let me give you a couple of rules of thumb here, and I’ll come back to these a little more in
detail as we go through some of these individual names and then come back to this idea of community as well.

The first thing I would say is be prepared for volatility. What does that mean, being prepared for volatility? Well, it means that retailers are exposed to
monthly sales reports. It means that they’re exposed to new product releases. It means they’re exposed to the things like we got this week, the Retail
Sales Report, the monthly economic reports we get that can have a negative impact or positive impact with those individual names. One thing is you have to
be prepared for volatility.

I think it’s not very cautious or maybe not very prudent, is maybe the better word, to just be blindly bullish and do extreme leverage type of bullish
trades in retail. What are extreme … don’t just buy call options, in other words. If you’re just going and buying short term call options because you’re
like, “Well, I see this pattern in the XRT and it’s going to go up.” Recognize that there’s going to be volatility and you need to trade accordingly.

Obviously, inside of the options world, the way to hedge volatility or to use the Greek term, for those of you who are Greek traders, to hedge Vega, is to
simply use spread trades. Don’t just go long or just short options. Do your trading in the form of a spread, whether it’s a vertical spread, whether it’s a
diagonal spread, whether it’s a collar trade, and for those of you who want to use equities as well. Just recognize that the spread, in and of itself, can
offset that volatility that can impact your trade. That’s your first step, is be prepared for it, because retail can be a volatile space.

Number two is use channel checks. Now this is a phenomenon, I shouldn’t even call it a phenomenon. It’s just, again, a recognition of human behavior that I
was first turned on to about 20 years ago, when I first read the book, it’s got to be about 20 years ago when he published it, that Peter Lynch wrote,
called “One Up on Wall Street”.

For those of you who don’t know who Peter Lynch is, he’s a very famous, he’s retired now, mutual fund manager. He managed the Fidelity Magellan Fund, the
world’s largest mutual fund at the time, and he’s written several books. One of the books that I read that helped build my foundation in fundamental
analysis was this book, “One Up on Wall Street”.

One of the things that Peter Lynch recommends in there is doing things called channel checks. What is a channel check? Well, it doesn’t mean check and make
sure CNBC works. We’re not talking TV channels. We’re talking, go to the mall, I know malls are kind of a dying space, but go to your local retail outdoor
shopping mall, your strip mall, your, if you’re in Chicago, go walk down the Miracle Mile or the Magnificent Mile, whichever it is. I think it’s called the
Magnificent Mile. I love that stretch of Chicago, by the way. If you’re in New York, go stroll down Fifth Avenue, as an example of doing a channel check.

What you’re doing, you’re not necessarily shopping, but you’re just watching. The example that Peter Lynch used, he said he would go shopping with his wife
at the mall. He would just hand his wife the credit cards and just say, “Okay, I’m going to go grab some popcorn and I’m going to go sit here on this
bench. You walk around and do your shopping that you need to do and I may browse around a little bit, but I’ll meet you back here.”

Then what he would do is simply watch, watch traffic. It doesn’t necessarily mean bags, either. It means watch traffic. The stores that have traffic are
going to equal dollars. Some stores are going to be busier than other stores. A really good example of this and just what I have noticed is that Apple is a
… one of you asked, [inaudible 00:20:13], you asked, “Is Apple considered a retail stock?” I would say yes. Apple is kind of a hybrid because they do
have, obviously, exposure in the technology world, but the bulk of their revenue still comes from a retail focused technology stock, so yes, I would call
Apple a retail stock.

I would also not call Amazon a retail stock. Apple is more of a retail stock than Amazon is, even though you would think, “Wait a minute. Amazon is the
Walmart of the internet.” Which is true, but the thing about Amazon is Amazon has started to get their fingers in so many other different venues of
technology, from their cloud services to their entertainment division, that it’s really not, I wouldn’t call Amazon truly a, they’re a little bit of a
hybrid, kind of how Apple is a little bit of a hybrid, but you don’t see Amazon stores at the mall either, where you do see Apple stores and you do see
Michael Kors stores and Tiffany, the traditional ones or the ones that are more traditional retailers.

Do your channel checks. If the store is busy, that is … and I know. It seems really easy and it seems really basic, but it’s one of the easiest things to
do. Where there is traffic there is going to be earnings. Obviously, you may live in an area where you don’t have all those. In that case, you’re going to
be relying on the internet to do some of that. You’re going to be reliant on a community, and we’ll talk about a community here in just a little bit.

Let me jump in and talk, before we get to a community and specifically the community of traders we’ve got inside of OptionsANIMAL. Let me talk to you a
little bit about some of the specific names that I’m looking at right now. I hope that didn’t just end the webinar. No, it didn’t. Okay. I thought I hit
the wrong button there for a second. Let’s jump into some individual names. I’ll show you some of my favorite retailers. To me, the best retail stock out
there, don’t hate on me, please. I am giving you all my personal opinion right now.

One of my favorite retailers is Costco. Costco does things right. Costco is a stock that also follows this same pattern. Let me just scroll back and show
you last year, as an example. Go back to, let’s go … There we go. Notice Costco’s pattern. Bottom right about in August. Costco actually gave you the
opportunity to get back in in October, but they don’t always do that.

They had a little bit of pullback in October as well, but the trend all the way through the end of November it went from 112 up to 126. It had a nice
powerful move to the upside and then that was the top on the first of December and then it pulled back. Again, it’s the pattern from August, middle of
August, end of August up to the first of November, they have these nice bullish moves. I like Costco. Like I said, I think Costco does a lot of things
correctly. They really know how to target in on who their demographic is, who they’re going after.

I think another one, a really interesting one right now is Lululemon or Lululemon, depending on how you want to pronounce it. Lululemon has not had a good
year, from a company standpoint. This is a stock that’s gone from the mid 70s, now sitting in the high 30s. It’s been chopped nearly in half from its highs
a little over a year ago. Why do I like this stock? Well, I still believe there’s some excitement in this name. I don’t think this product is dead. I know
the product loyalty is still very strong. I know Nike’s making, Nike is a huge competitor here, which I like, as well. I do like Nike. I’m actually a full
disclosure shareholder of Nike.

I also like Under Armour in this same space, but both Nike and Under Armour’s stocks have performed significantly better than Lululemon’s and I think
there’s a little bit of opportunity in Lululemon from a percentage standpoint, more so than there is in Under Armour or Nike, even though I think both of
those previous companies are better run, simply from the stock trading standpoint, where it’s at and where the potential fourth quarter may take it.

Again, this is another name that I think is an interesting one. Another stock that falls in that same category is American Eagle. American Eagle is an
interesting name in the fact that, again, this year has been a pretty rough year for them. They were at 15. They’re now at ten. They were actually at 17 at
the end of the year last year, but the pattern could and should behave about the same.

Those, Lulu and American Eagle I think are both a couple of risky names in the space. If you want to look at, “Well, I don’t want to deal with risky
because, yeah, their stock may be there for a reason. I want to deal with the good names that I can count on having good quarters.” Then I think you go to
some of the more traditional retail names that aren’t going to be as driven by fleeting fashion, by trends, and one of those is Nordstrom.

Nordstrom to me, again, is another key player in the retail space that has this pattern that we’re talking about. Notice the pattern last year move from 56
up to about 65, from the end of August up to the end of November. The same type of pattern. I think Nordstrom is an interesting name here.

Tiffany’s is another one that I think is a very well run, very good quality brand that, as you look at the pattern, again, here’s last year’s pattern. I
think we’ll just stop it at the first part of December. This one actually did continue into mid January before it peaked, but again, a nice move from high
70s, mid 70s, 76, 77 back here in end of August, up to 90 dollars a share the first part of December. Tiffany’s is another interesting name at these

I think Michael Kors is another very, very good name at these levels. They didn’t have quite the big stellar run last year, but still not terrible. Again,
the bullish pattern here, the stock went from low 70s. Here it’s 72, 73 and went as high as about 85. Before it had its big up move in February with a big
blowout earnings with their holiday sales, and actually Michael Kors is, with the pullback they’ve had from a hundred dollar stock in February, even there
again in May, the pullback below 80, this might be another interesting entry point for Michael Kors at this level.

I’m going to make a stretch here, and this isn’t really that much of a stretch, but I’m going to call this an entertainment/retail stock as well, and that
is Walt Disney. Disney, in the last year has become one of Wall Street’s favorites. Everybody loves to be a Disney shareholder right now and a lot of that
has to do with the fact that Disney has done a very, very good job of creating property, creating content. This specific name I think still has the same
opportunity. I wouldn’t say this one’s going to react the same way as the traditional pattern we’ve talked about, of the traditional types of retailers.

Like I said, this is a little bit of a stretch, calling Disney just a retailer, because they’re also in the entertainment industry and communications, the
television industry as well. The same thing with Apple. Apple is really not truly a retail stock because they’re a little bit of a hybrid.

There is one name that I would avoid in the fourth quarter this year, and that is Walmart. I do agree that Walmart’s earnings were not very impressive and
although they do often times have the same pattern we’re talking about, notice last year. The move from 72 up to 80, which is a huge move for Walmart and
they’re back down at that 72 range again right now. I think Walmart has a few fundamental issues that they’re dealing with and personally would maybe shy
away from structuring or playing this pattern on this stock this year.

The list, we could spend hours going over each individual name, whether it’s, Sharon, you’re asking about Ross Stores or Dave, you’re asking about Best Buy
or any of the other stocks that you guys have listed there, from Abercrombie and Fitch. There are a lot of names and the pattern typically holds the same.
I would say, from a standpoint of trading, you kind of have to go back to using my channel checks and doing my due diligence to pick the best players in
that space.

The last, I think, and most important thing here is to be part of a community. I think, for those of you who know me, know that I’m very passionate about
community. I’m very passionate about using others and helping others become more successful and in doing so, you get great opportunity given back to you.
OptionsANIMAL is a phenomenal community of investors, and there are thousands of investors and students in this community across the globe. I find on a
regular basis that I am able to find great trading ideas from members of the community. There are also phenomenal trading ideas that you, as a member of
the community, will be able to get from the instructors.

The instructors at OptionsANIMAL are second to none, in my opinion. There are no better traders in the world that I have met. The other unique passion that
they have and the unique thing about them is that because of their backgrounds, they have a unique perspective, in a sense, to help the students of the
OptionsANIMAL school succeed. That unique background is the fact that they, themselves, were students first. We’re not a bunch of floor traders who tried
to decide to make an education company to see how much money we could make.

The instructors of this program have varying backgrounds and they’re across the country. I can’t say across the globe right now, because we don’t have any
instructors based internationally, but from Jeff McAllister, who’s background is he’s an airline pilot and he lives in, well used to live in New Hampshire.
He actually just moved to Connecticut. To Emilu Bailes, who’s background is in medical sales with Abbott Laboratories. She lives in Atlanta Georgia.

To Eric Hale, who’s a nuclear engineer and lives in Naperville, IL. To Ken Bailey, who is also an engineer. Lives in Pennsylvania. To Scott Gillam, who is
a former financial adviser and has been in the IT space for several years. Also lives in Connecticut, in fact right on the doorstep of ESPN, there in
Bristol. We’re all over the country, and their concern is for the success of the students because they, themselves, were that once. What we’ve created is a
phenomenal community.

Let me give you one of the examples of this community. Down here, you’ll notice several different stocks. These were our stocks to watch this week, and we
do two live broadcasts on a weekly basis, where we talk about specific stocks, we talk about the overall trends in the market, we talk about the DOW, the
S&P, and the NASDAQ. We talk about the ten year yield. We talk about the commodities, both oil and gold and if there are trading opportunities there.
More specifically, we use the overall economic story line to help build our expectations, but then we look at individual stocks.

I just wanted to highlight a couple of them, here, from last week. Let’s start with Apple. Last week on Friday Apple was at 94.74. The expectation or the
description of why Jeff was looking at Apple was from an accumulation standpoint, and he said, “It may have institutional accumulation here right now. The
accumulation distribution line and the money flow are both turning positive, and September 8 they have an event with their new iPhone 6, and it’s possible
we’ll get a bullish run playing into that.” What has Apple done since then, being at 94? Well, Apple today is at 97. Three days later. It’s having a nice
little pop this week, as an example.

Let me go and highlight another one, here. Let’s look at Monster, as an example. This is one that specifically I was looking at last week. Earnings were
just out last week. They had a good gap up. I believe there is a possibility that Monster still moves to the 73 to maybe as high as 75. I think there’s a
short term diagonal or even a vertical play here.

What has Monster done? Similar type of move. It’s not all the way up to 73 yet, but it was at 69 and change. It’s up to 71 and a half. It had a nice follow
through after their earnings gap up and is probably trending to that resistance level, right there at 73, maybe as high as that resistance level back in
early February. Those are the types of expectations that I was looking at.

They’re not all that way. You’re going to have some times where you’re going to have scenarios that don’t go as planned. John Deere is an example of one of
the things I want to point out, there’s a nice indication of the chart here. “The stock was just under 87, right around 87 dollars, a nice indication but
earnings are coming up. Protective put is an intelligent play here. Expect good earnings but will look at after earnings.” What’s John Deere done in the
last couple days? It’s gone from 87 down to 84 and change. It’s actually had a negative move to the downside and that protective put ended up being a very,
again, prudent strategy choice at the time.

This type of community, this type of group of investors I have found is an essential part of your successful trading long term. One of my good friends, Guy
Adami. You know Guy from “Fast Money”. Guy recently ended up taking a position with LPL Financial, the biggest, one of the biggest investment advisory
firms in the country. Guy and I are still doing a lot of stuff together. In fact, we’re doing a webinar next month together, but he’s been very busy in
this new partnership opportunity he’s got with LPL Financial.

One of the things that Guy said to me years ago that has stuck with me was that whenever you get into a trade, and he was taught this at Goldman Sachs when
he was [inaudible 00:38:18] there. He said, “Whenever you get into a trade, take a partner, because what that partner will help you do is give you a
different perspective.” It’s sometimes easy to put on blinders or fall in love with a trade when you put it on, and I think what’s important when you’re
looking at potential trades is to have a community of investors to bounce it off of. That’s what we have inside of OptionsANIMAL.

What we’ve worked very hard to build is a community of active traders who talk with each other on a daily basis, whether that daily basis is through chat
sessions. Let me give you an example of the daily communication opportunity that happens inside of our community. This is what you get inside of our
education website we have. Here’s our live calendar, where these are the specific classes that are going on today. Here’s the 14th. This is a pretty busy
day, today. A lot of classes starting at 6 a.m., 7:30, 9 a.m., 10:30, noon.

Here are the really interesting ones, to me, are these live, open forum coaching sessions. These are open forums. You, as an investor, if you’re just
looking for ideas, if you’re not necessarily saying, “Okay, I already know how to do debit spreads or I already know how to do the put calendar or
fundamental analysis or adjusting the collar trade. Maybe I don’t need to necessarily attend all of these classes on a regular basis,” although, inside the
classes, themselves, those are opportunities to find trading ideas as well. “What I can do is go to one of these live open forum sessions, that give me the
ability to interact, not just with Karen,” she happens to be the one hosting that forum session, “but all of the other investors in there and find ideas.”

That’s what half of trading is about. Part of it is, yes, you’ve got to educate yourself and you’ve got to understand how to use the different options
tools to take risk out of the market, I shouldn’t say take it out. There will always be a certain amount of risk, but to minimize risk. The other half of
investing, once you know how to do it all and use the strategies appropriately and how to adjust trades, well then it comes down to, “Well, how do I find

I’ll tell you what, if you’re trying to find ideas on CNBC or if you’re trying to find ideas by subscribing to somebody’s newsletter or listening to “Tasty
Trade” as your way of trying to find ideas to trade, you’re missing out on huge opportunity, because you’re getting a very, very narrow focus and not
necessarily one that specifically fits you. What you need to do is find a community of investors where, yeah, some people may not be able to give you input
on your trade on John Deere, but you might have a handful or really good traders that, if you start throwing out there, “Hey, I’m looking at trading Deere
and here’s the specific things I’m looking at,” you may get some very, very good feedback that you wouldn’t have gotten in any other place.

Let me give you another example of that inside of our community. Again, not only in the live settings, in these little blue bars, where you notice those
are daily, sometimes multiple times a day, where you can get that kind of information, but also if you want to do it in the community forums, where you
give people a little bit of time, because maybe you don’t have time to attend those live sessions. You just want to say, “Okay, I want to come in here and
ask a question about maybe a specific stock.” Maybe I want to come into one of these stocks here and say, “Okay, I want to ask a question about Wells

Here’s a specific question Carl asked about Wells Fargo, and he put it in a chart and then said, “What do you guys think about this?” Then people went in
and replied to it. Or maybe I have a question about JP Morgan, and that’s one of the things that I wanted to question, or maybe it’s just more of a general
question. Maybe it’s like what Shugo just asked of, “I’m looking at SIPC insurance versus FDIC insurance. What’s the difference and which one should I get?
Again, I know that you’re not going to give me investment advice, but you, as traders, what have you chosen and why?”

This is the type of community that I’m talking about. That one little snapshot I showed you for example, this is part of our 2004 watch list. Let me just
show you an example on a weekly basis what this looks like. This is Scott Gillam, one of our instructors, who puts this together on a regular basis. These
are our weekly calls that we go together. This last week I showed you Ford, Apple, Nvidia, American Express, Deere, Nvidia. The week before it was
Activision, Raytheon, Apple, Disney, Disney, Amazon, American Airlines. The week before that, Amazon, Boeing, American Airlines, AK Steel, GoPro, Qualcomm,
Ebay, Procter and Gamble, The IWM.

On a weekly basis, this is what we’re looking at and why. These types of trade ideas and information about the market is, I’ll arguably say, more than half
the battle. Yes, I don’t want to downplay the importance of understanding and learning, but it’s just half the battle. Half the battle then, is once you’ve
learned it is, “Well, how do I find opportunity?”

Another way we share opportunity, and primarily how we share education and teach people is through our weekly trades that we send out. These are specific
trades where we go in and structure them and show our students what we’re doing and why. These are real live money trades for us, as coaches, and our
purpose behind this is to share them so that they can see what we’re doing. Some people may look at that and say, “You sent out 234 trades and you closed
207 of them for a profit? What do you have a crystal ball?” No. We just, it’s a process of trading.

The average return per trade is just under 17 percent. The reason why we’ve been able to close for such a high level of profitability is this idea of trade
adjustments, which is one of the things that we specialize in at OptionsANIMAL. We teach people how to not always just rely on stop losses in trading so
that they can get a really high win/loss ratio. The way we do that is, again, through sharing.

Let me again show you how we share this back into our community. Back into the tabs, here in community, we have these animal trades. Here’s just an example
of one on … here’s the most … I’m just trying to find where the most recent one is. Here’s the most recent one, right here. Sorry, that’s a really old
one. That one’s a year old. Here’s one on 8/6. That one’s relatively recent. That’s just last week, I guess. Ken’s doing a trade on IWM. He’s doing an iron
condor, and here’s all the details of his trade. Then as people have questions, they can ask him.

Here’s another example of a trade that Jeff did on Delta Airlines. Step one, he was determining direction. Here’s his rationale. Looked at different trade
ideas, selected and structured the trade right here. He did a put vertical specifically on Delta. Those were the trade parameters he was looking at. Here’s
what his risk graphs look like. Here’s his actual placement of the trade and then off to the races. In this case the snail race. Jeff has got a very fun
personality. As you get to know him, you realize that. Then they go through and make adjustments.

If you have questions, you can then ask him. “Hey Jeff, I thought I heard you say in a few classes you don’t like to take ownership of stock as a secondary
[inaudible 00:45:56] put. There are specific scenarios where you would not mind taking possession of stock as a secondary exit. I know the simple answer
would be it depends, but I need to understand what are the scenarios where you would be okay taking possession of the stock. Thanks, Ray.”

There’s Ray’s question and then Jeff’s response right below, “Ray, it does depend,” and then goes through and answers the question. As you have questions
about this process, whether it’s trades like Jody did on Disney on August 1, just a couple weeks ago, that she’s already closed and she got 30 percent in
one trading day. There’s not a lot of times to ask questions on that as she has it open, but it’s a way of us showing our students our thought process that
allows them to ask questions along the way and learn this methodology of trading.

Yes, part of it is learning methodology. Part of it is being educated enough to be able to understand how to take a bullish approach versus a bearish
approach, but part of it is also being part of that community who are going to give you the trading ideas and the trading feedback as you go along. For
those of you, because I recognize a lot of names that I’ve seen before in webinars. For those of you who are not part of our community yet, because I know
there’s a handful of you who are here that are members of the community. There’s a handful of you who are not.

For those of you who are not part of our community, you need to stop waiting. We are the best trading community on the planet, but you have to take action
to become part of us. Otherwise you’ll just keep coming to these webinars that I teach and learn a little bit of information there and learn a little bit
of information here, but really not get the full value of becoming part of our school. Part of it is the learning, and we can offer you some opportunity to
lock in some discount on tuition if you call in in the next 30 minutes, but part of it is just being part of that community once you have learned it.

For those of you who are new to us and have never seen us before, give us a phone call. You need to find out who we are. What we will do when you call in
is set up a consultation with you, where we can talk about your individual needs, structure specific education packets that can fit you, because we realize
every one of you is in a different place as well. Then, most importantly is, we’ll help show you a path where you can start to make the decisions with your
investments to help you see these consistent types of results that our students see on a regular basis.

Thanks for spending time with me today. Again, for the offer today, is if you call in the next 30 minutes you’ll be able to lock in this 25 percent
discount on our tuition as well as a free consultation about your needs. Our number is 888-297-9165 toll free. Thanks for spending the time with me today
and I look forward to seeing you all in another OptionsANIMAL webinar. Thanks everybody.

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Sunil Tomar
Sunil Tomar
19:05 29 Sep 18
Gerry Young
Gerry Young
18:22 28 Jun 19
I've been an Options Animal member / student for a bit over a year now and am incredibly impressed with the organization, their depth of knowledge, their teaching methods and their support of their students. In fact, I just signed up for life time membership so that I can continue to make use of the resource for the rest of my trading career.Before becoming a student of O/A I had been studying options trading technique on my own, attending webinars buying books from Amazon & etc. for about three years and not doing very well at it. I was also trading equities as I had been for the past 17 years and my portfolios were increasing in value from my efforts but not by leaps and bounds. In fact I was just covering living expenses plus a little bit and looking for a way to become a more successful trader; hence my foray into options.Joining Options Animal was like stumbling out of the woods and into the sunshine. "Don't try to trade options until the end of the course when you will have learned how to do it." was their first piece of advice. ( Wish I'd had that tattooed on my wrist three years ago. It would have saved me a bundle.) Next piece of advice: "If you do experiment with trading options just count the results as increased tuition costs." (Yeah, I had to learn that the hard way.)Then they proceeded to a very detailed analysis of markets / equity trading with instructions on where to find the real information for fundamental analysis. This alone resulted in a measurable improvement in my efforts at equity trading. After that it was straight into options, "the Greeks" & etc.What makes the O/A teaching method a cut above anything else, in my opinion, is that there are four primary instructors all from different backgrounds who each teach all the lessons in the curriculum. All of their efforts are recorded in the O/A archives which gives the student the ability to gain exposure to the same material from four different perspectives. And because the instructors are continually presenting the material over time one can gain a better understanding from listening to the same person giving the same talk but in a slightly different way.Any points not clearly understood can be repeated instantly or reviewed in its entirety later. Students can also interact with the instructors in real time during the scheduled sessions or attend the weekly open forums to cover specifics and have additional questions answered. One is not locked into a rigid class schedule which is going to move forward whether the student understands the presented material or not.In addition there is a bulletin board / chat room organized by courses and lessons and related subjects where students and interact and learn techniques from each other and the participating instructors.Long story short: if you really want to improve your trading to the point where your success rate is above the ninety percentile point then Options Animal is what you've been looking for.
Joseph Woollen
Joseph Woollen
04:03 15 Nov 19
I have been pleasantly surprised with Options Animal. Having used other options training programs with limited success, going through the Options Animal courses has been like getting a graduate degree. Their courses are comprehensive yet understandable, and it’s particularly helpful to go into their video archives to take the same courses numerous times - each with a different instructor with a slightly different teaching approach. And it’s hard to beat theIr support and collateral materials.I highly recommend Options Animal.J. Michael Woollen
John Boulet
John Boulet
04:48 30 Sep 18
GREAT CONFERENCE !It became much clearer to me that options can be used to hedge risk AND be profitable at the same time.Would highly recommend Options Animal to anyone looking to improve their trading!
Howie Agster
Howie Agster
19:14 21 May 19
Webinars have great examples of a superb strategy trading options. First in money management and trade adjustments limiting losses. My choice for learning from the best.
DiVerge Fitness
DiVerge Fitness
17:35 22 Dec 18
Great service for learning the correct way to trade options.
Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson
21:39 12 Oct 18
am new to Options Animal since March of 2018 although I have traded options since 2011. While I am only half way through the curriculum, I find the content, instructors, and methodology invaluable. I very much appreciate the new view to trading that Options Animal provides, so much so I am considering migrating from a mix of stock investor and options trader to a pure options trader given the risk management and increased trade success taught at Options Animal.
18:16 01 Oct 18
This was my first Summit experience and I thought attending was very worthwhile. The programs and materials were helpful and the open session Q&A following the presentations was great. I left with six other OA members contact information to really get into the “community” feeling!
Trask Messinger
Trask Messinger
12:57 05 May 19
thank you - very professional and informative Summit
Kim Schaeffer
Kim Schaeffer
00:05 14 Sep 18
I've read books on options for over 20 years but really never felt like I had a specific strategy to hedge my stocks because there are so many from which to chose. OptionsAnimal has an excellent strategy/approach that allows me to hedge my stocks based on my personality style within the OA system. The instructors are brilliant and passionate about what they do and want nothing more than to help their students of all skill levels. Thank you OA!
Steven Hollosi
Steven Hollosi
17:44 26 Jun 20
I have been trading options for several years with some success just as a hobby, when I decided to trade options as a business and a source of a regular income, i searched for an educational platform to enhance my understanding and of the market dynamics when it comes to trading option I discovered Options Animals, called them, confirm that this was an educational focused platform that I could benefit from. The rest is history, I could not be happier with the results and support I received over time. They will teach you on how to enjoy the success rate of 90 plus percent of profitable trading with a thoughtful methodology and a plan of execution.I am sold for life. Keep up the great work everyone.Thank you,Steven Hollosi
Brian Hores
Brian Hores
13:59 11 Jun 19
A well structured curriculum to master the intricacies of options trading. Archived sessions allow you to go at your own pace and review areas of weakness. Live classes with instructors are interactive with a chance to ask questions. The teachers are great with helping to clarify issues and help you succeed. Following he Options Animal 6-step process will lead to trading success. The tuition is worthwhile compared to paying the school of hard knocks. I haven't mastered everything but am a much more confident and profitable trader.
James Diehl
James Diehl
21:08 18 Jul 19
My wife and I have tried other on line trading academies and were not impressed with them at all. We became very frustrated to the point of almost giving up the idea of ever being able to learn how to trade options. We heard about Option Animal and decided to give it one more try and we are glad that we did. We were immediately impressed with the entire program. The lessons, both live and archived, are easy to follow and very well done making it simple for even the most novice trader to understand. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and offer personalized attention when needed. We highly recommend Option Animal if you are serious about learning how to trade options.
Carroll Rogers
Carroll Rogers
02:34 24 Sep 18
Options Animal has proven to be interested in the success of me as a successful trader. Their staff has answered my questions, and the presentations give a good understanding about many option strategies that I did not know existed.
Merlin Andrews
Merlin Andrews
16:01 06 May 19
The best options trading education available that I have ever encountered by far, and one of the best values in any education. Great instructors, a very supportive community, and a tremendous amount of information and content. Not get-rich-quick, but life changing if you are willing to put in the work.As a graduate of the program, I continue to learn and grow from everything provided by OptionsAnimal and continue to improve.
Christopher Chisholm
Christopher Chisholm
02:55 13 Jan 21
Very Educational, I have been trading options for some time and I have recently purchased their classes and I have learned a considerable amount in the little time I have been attending. So far I am very pleased I joined this community.
Edith Falls
Edith Falls
18:48 10 Dec 18
Mr. Bodin Hugger
Mr. Bodin Hugger
17:20 13 Jun 19
Excellent training from multiple experts.Member as of February 2019. I have completed up to level 3.Trading options since 2009-2011 when one could throw a dart and win!Excellent archives for training classes with Kathy, Joe , Eric, Charan , Jeff, and Horace. These are excellent educators because of the different styles each educator brings to their client.OA Trader work shops offer insight on how to think.The Wednesday and Friday updates also educate the client on how to think. These updates educate the client on how to separate the noisy events from those that are important.Entering into the options trading world with out OptionsANIMAL training is foolish.I am very pleased with the value of my decision to join OptionANIMAL.I wrote with review on my own accord and will stand by this review.Bodin Hugger, JRMetaire, LA 70006
John Daggerhart
John Daggerhart
19:30 24 Nov 18
Very straight forward solid education. No get rich quick B.S. Learn, follow, prosper!
William Dedes
William Dedes
15:32 12 Sep 18
I recently joined animalsoption. I may be a slow learner but I like to take things at my own pace. This program is very educational and extremely helpful in my self directed portfolio. I have been listening to the lessons at my own speed. The recent seminar I attended in Buffalo New York was extremely helpful. They offered to return my tuition if I was unhappy with the program. The lessons have already resulted in profits for me so I doubt I will be asking for a refund. Animalsoption is awesome.
Markus Bandomir
Markus Bandomir
14:53 18 Jan 18
Peter Schulz
Peter Schulz
16:08 05 Jun 20
This company is for real! The education is top-notch and can help you whether a beginner or a seasoned veteran looking for new approaches. If you are looking for the resources you need to add options trading to your investing, I can't imagine a better place to get it. The community is amazing and supportive, the instructors are great, and the site has endless archives to go through. Following along with experienced traders as they identify, make, and then adjust trades really drives the lessons home. I wish I had joined this 10 years ago.
John W. Tompkins
John W. Tompkins
19:18 10 Sep 18
Becoming a lifetime member of Options Animal was a great decision. The demands on my life do not allow me to schdule regular classes. With the flexible curriculum that OA offers, I am able to stay on top of my OA education, practice trade when time allows, and remain an active member of the OA community. You owe it to yourself to investigate the OA 6 Step Method, it will change the way you look at your financial future.
Kaleb Fife
Kaleb Fife
14:40 22 Jul 21
As a 23 year old with a decent amount of trading experience, I decided to try options. It always seemed “scary” which led to me trading other things like crypto and stocks. I always thought options were interesting but they seemed more complicated. With “theta” and “delta” and strike price and all these other things that made it seem super hard to understand. I finally decided I wanted to try them and started watching some YouTube videos but it still wasn’t really making sense and was hard for me to wrap my head around. That’s when I was introduced to OptionsAnimal by a friend. OptionsAnimal is a great options education for all skill levels in trading, from beginners who have never traded before, to more advanced traders looking to hone their skills and engage in a community of real, honest traders, not “gurus” trying to sell stock picks or other services. The education breaks trading down to a fundamental level that focuses on learning how markets and trading work, as opposed to just putting out stock picks or a single trading strategy that doesn’t always work. Instead they focus on building an understanding of why and how and provide a framework for building your own strategies based on solid trading theory. They also simplified the daunting jargon of options and made the Greeks, and other seemingly complicated aspects of options easy to understand and utilize in trading. The biggest benefit of OptionsAnimal beyond the education, however, and the thing that I think separates them the most from any competitors is the community. There are always live classes being held either covering education material, or live Q and A sessions with instructors, or weekly market updates on how the markets are acting, upcoming potential catalysts, etc. In addition, there are forums in the website where all of the instructors are available to communicate with and ask questions to, as well as the entire community in general. Overall it is a far superior experience to other competitors I have tried. I would recommend to anyone looking to get into options or looking to advance their skills and understanding.
Jonathan Nelson
Jonathan Nelson
15:31 04 May 19
Very well put together. Informative. Pleasent community.
Sergey Golub
Sergey Golub
21:22 19 Dec 19
If you a new or an experienced options trader this is very much desired service where you can learn a lot and get help when you need it most from live coaches at Options Animal.Keep up guys with great work!S. G.
I promised that I'm going to testify if my trading was successful'
It takes so much time and effort to know the right Trade expert to win trade, After all my research I came in contact with her and I've learned a lot with her in this few years. I'm so impressed with the profit she helped me made, What I love about her is consistency, she's awesome. I just made my withdrawal of 15,000 $ USD.
Reach out to her for the best forex trading result.
Contact her via
email:[email protected]
WhatsApp:+1 (315) 696-7425
Anthony Hyde
Anthony Hyde
17:43 30 Dec 20
If you are serious about learning options, this is the place to be. I got interested in option in late 1990's. I saw that you could leverage a small amount of money to make big money. Went in with a mind set of "get rich quick" attitude, that was a mistake. Did not touch options again until more recently. Thank goodness I found OptionANIMAL. I was skeptical but felt like I needed to learn more before giving it a try again. Glad I did because I learned a lot and continue to do so. To be successful you must put in the work and have a plan. OpttionANIMAL was the help I needed with material and teachers who were eager to share their knowledge. Here I was able to learn from the courses how to avoid all the most common mistakes, how to allocate your portfolio when making a trade, how to adjust a trade and much more.I can’t say enough about the teachers and how willing they are to help you learn and set you straight. They are all different and have different perspectives of how to handle and analyze the market. Each one brings different knowledge and experience. If you are willing to put in the time and effort you can up your game. There are no guarantees, but you want to make sure you hedge your knowledge to be on the right side of the trade.
Samuel Chimento
Samuel Chimento
13:10 14 Feb 19
Hello,I have been an Option Animal student for 5 months now and have completed levels 1 through 3. So far I have learned how to make directional trades as well as high probability credit spreads"Even though I have only completed the first 3 levels my current trades are ranging from 15% to 47% profit per contract. The winners are steadily rolling forward.I am looking forward to completing all the levels and learning debit spreads, hedged trades, straddles, strangles, collars and winged spreads.This education makes option trading crystal clear and easy because you will have confidence in what you are doing and finally enjoy making money on a daily basis.Most importantly, take your time and learn the material in detail, I think that is the secret to doing well!Enjoy your education.Sam
John Daggerhart
John Daggerhart
15:56 14 Sep 18
Fantastic accredited education! The courses are worth every penny. If you're serious about trading options, then Options Animal is a must. Great customer service and the one on one guidance is exceptional. Go for it!
Dana Podliska
Dana Podliska
21:36 04 May 19
James Hutchins
James Hutchins
15:12 13 Jul 17
Options Animal has really improved my understanding of using options to supplement my income, as well as protect my portfolio. I had tried other options programs prior to choosing OA, but was frustrated because they did have a complete approach. Options Animal wants you to fully understand options, and equities that you may trade, allowing you to make much better choices, both in investing, and using options for income, and protection. Thank you, Options Animal!
William Klun
William Klun
19:44 28 Dec 20
I've done a lot of stock and option training education over the years but this is the first place that actually delivered on what they advertise. They don't just give you trades or give canned formulas to execute, they give actual training courses and make sure you understand them before moving on to more advanced topics. There is ample opportunity to get feedback from instructors on any and all aspects of option trading. I had been trading for years before signing up and I didn't know how much I didn't know. I am so much more successful in my trading than before and I'm learning more here everyday. Worth the price of admission!
Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor
15:53 27 Apr 20
Options Animal is a very honest company. They will work with you if you need help.
Steven Hollosi
Steven Hollosi
17:14 26 Jun 20
I have been trading options for several years with some success just as a hobby, when I decided to trade options as a business and a source of a regular income, i searched for an educational platform to enhance my understanding and of the market dynamics when it comes to trading option I discovered Options Animals, called them, confirm that this was an educational focused platform that I could benefit from. The rest is history, I could not be happier with the results and support I received over time. They will teach you on how to enjoy the success rate of 90 plus percent of profitable trading with a thoughtful methodology and a plan of execution.
I am sold for life. Keep up the great work everyone.
Thank you,
Steven Hollosi
Dana Podliska
Dana Podliska
03:41 18 Dec 18
Before joining OA, I had only traded equities and it was suggested to me to get into options. After watching tons of YouTube videos about how easy it was to make money using options, I felt that I was missing something. After some research into different option services I choose Option Animal and believe it was the correct choice for me. Through the teachers at OA and many hours of classes that they present, I feel like I am getting the knowledge and answers where all my other sources fell short. I am confident that after completing the courses I will have the knowledge necessary to trade successfully.
Kevin McDermott
Kevin McDermott
20:02 23 May 19
Even though I have been trading options for a couple of years, I was happily surprised by learning things I either did not know or did not understand as well as I should have.Excellent education program that is good for everybody from beginners to experienced options traders. Plenty of resources and actual people who can answer your questions or help you deal with any unexpected difficulties.Top notch organization doing top notch work. Check them out.
Rick Kingbury
Rick Kingbury
00:43 24 May 19
This training is so thorough and with the archives I can go thru a particular section until it sinks in and then I get that "ahah" moment when I really understand it. Great training. Rick Kingsbury
Jackson Simon
Jackson Simon
19:58 25 Oct 18
Wonderful experience so far with this superior source of education on options trading. I continue to enhance my skills and knowledge week to week with the help of their highly experienced coaches and easy to follow curriculum. Learn to protect your investments now to ensure a brighter future in retirement and to pass on to your posterity. Highly recommended!
Jim Jackman
Jim Jackman
21:55 07 Apr 21
I have been with options animal for a couple of years now. I was previously trading options with varying degrees of success but with no real understanding of what I was doing and whether or not it made sense. Options animal has given me a grounding that I needed to begin to manage my portfolio and understand the trades that I'm placing. It's training has helped me replace "greed and gambling" with common sense It is giving me an understanding of the options market. All of their instructors are excellent and it is a great virtue that they have and explain different approaches to the same lessons. I always find that I learn best when I review the same materials from different competent sources. Option animal provides that in great measure. In my opinion it is well worth the investment and I continue to look forward to their programs and trading analysis.
Bill Madison
Bill Madison
16:42 07 Feb 20
The lessons are excellent, organized and easy to follow . Can take you from beginning student all the way through "PHD" level options trading. Several instructors to choose from (all good) and each has his/her own style to make learning FUN. The best part is : you become a profitable trader.
s hart
s hart
21:26 04 May 19
The knowledge I've gained from being involved with Options Animal since 2013 has been extremely refreshing & tremendously helpful. I don't have to fret about what's going to happen with any trades I have going, because I already know what can happen in any type of market movement and thus, can prepare accordingly. If you have intentions of becoming a trader yourself, whether you're a rookie or have played with the stock market for years, this is the place you want to be to get you aimed in the right direction. The instructors are amazing - very knowledgeable & deeply caring. The membership community is wonderful. Getting with these people personally at the Summits is a great thing. You most-likely will end up with some wonderful friendships with fellow traders (and instructors) in the community. The things you can do with this education are limited only by you.Scott Hartman - OA Graduate
Alphaeus Timiebi
Alphaeus Timiebi
17:07 06 Jul 21
Trade with MRS Sherry Murphy and her company and have a wonderful trading experiences where your money is rest assured and your profit is very easy to withdraw.. I just made another withdrawal and I think it's worth testifying. Contact her
[email protected]
WhatsApp :+ 13153028128
Carol Sadlowski
Carol Sadlowski
16:41 21 Sep 18
I am enjoying my experience with Options Animal. If I can’t get to a live class I can always get the same information from three different instructors in archives. The live forums are very informative from these experienced instructors.When sharing their one transaction they do per week, they always encourage the safe way and give you the step by step process they use.They emphasize the risk to keep you grounded.I enjoy the mid-week and weekly reports they present also.
Amànda Dorion
Amànda Dorion
23:28 16 Oct 18
Options Animal has been great. The instructors are fantastic and everyone is always very willing to be available and answer any questions. The way the material is set up also flows very well.
Robin Pfeil
Robin Pfeil
20:47 14 Sep 18
This was a great review of basics, with a substantial amount of more advanced information. It was a solid day of education with very minimal fluff. A worthy use of the time.
Robert Wendorf
Robert Wendorf
16:43 01 Sep 18
I believe an Option trader needs to be educated, not sold a system or a trade picking service. I found Optionsanimal to be a great place to get that education. The training is well designed and structured. Upon completion, you will be able to pick your own trades, adjust them as needed and close them successfully. I was actually able to cover the cost of membership with the profits I made from trades I initiated myself! Here is the secret... they actually teach you how to make adjustments when trades go wrong.
Rick Gregory
Rick Gregory
00:17 08 Sep 18
Very thorough training program. Accessible trading professionals. Excellent community willing to help you succeed.
Becky Hutchins
Becky Hutchins
14:51 13 Jul 17
I have taken several classes/seminars on option trading. OptionsAnimal is by far the best I have taken. The instructors educate us on the specifics of why options move the way they do, so we can make decisions based on what we have learned, rather than just following the "rules" someone else has set up. The instructors are helpful, knowledgeable and willing to share their personal experiences, including trades that didn't work out the way they had anticipated. I especially appreciate the way they emphasis that we protect our portfolio and only take on the appropriate risk we can live with. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn how to generate monthly income build their wealth and protect their portfolio.
Douglas Weed
Douglas Weed
22:45 23 Oct 18
Zack quickly answered the question I had about choices for brokerages with respect to commissions.
Curt Rosemann
Curt Rosemann
17:40 12 Oct 18
By far the best I have found for indepth training and insight as how Options really work. Logical class order. Highly knowledgeable instructors for each element whom can provide detailed answers to any questions.
john kraus
john kraus
19:00 13 Nov 18
The experience and information have been outstanding thus far. I insist on thorough coverage when it comes to my interests and pursuits. OptionsAnimal are meeting and exceeding my expectations. The personel are very supportive as well. So far, i have interacted with Brice, Jordan and Warren. All of them were flawless in their professionalism and very personable as well. i never felt rushed in my inquiries and they efficiently offered complete and even comprehensive answers, making sure i understood what i was trying to learn. Thank you!! so far so good!John Kraus
Peter Schulz
Peter Schulz
16:07 05 Jun 20
This company is for real! The education is top-notch and can help you whether a beginner or a seasoned veteran looking for new approaches. If you are looking for the resources you need to add options trading to your investing, I can't imagine a better place to get it. The community is amazing and supportive, the instructors are great, and the site has endless archives to go through. Following along with experienced traders as they identify, make, and then adjust trades really drives the lessons home. I wish I had joined this 10 years ago.
Bailey Pate
Bailey Pate
00:17 18 Sep 18
OptionsANIMAL has been awesome thus far. Great course material with teachers who are willing to help you through it if it doesn't make sense. A worthwhile investment!
Pam JB
Pam JB
22:00 17 Sep 18
Great program! The classes are very thorough and methodical and take you from beginner level all the way through advanced option adjustments. There are dozens of live classes every week, but you can also choose to watch recorded lessons from your favorite instructor. The mid-week and weekly market forums are a great place to get a truly unbiased review of the current market conditions and the monthly trader forums are a great resource to learn how the instructors are managing their personal trades. I'm looking forward to attending their two-day live seminar in Utah next week.
Kevin Goodwin
Kevin Goodwin
21:41 07 Jan 19
Karen Berliner
Karen Berliner
21:15 14 Nov 18
I first learned about Options Animal just about two years ago. I could immediately see what a comprehensive educational program it is and how I could become a successful trader. I finished the program in a year and am extremely pleased with the success I have had this year, far exceeding results obtained by the S&P 500, the Dow, and NASDAQ. Not only does Options Animal provide an excellent curriculum, it offers multiple ways for students to learn and each of the coaches is fantastic. They want their students to be successful. The changes that I have been able to make as a result of being a member of the Options Animal community have been important for me professionally and personally. I recommend it highly.
john panzenhagen
john panzenhagen
16:09 31 Aug 18
This is the only way to learn the option process. You will find the classes informative and well done.
Shawn C
Shawn C
18:00 15 Jan 17
Joe Kerner
Joe Kerner
20:42 29 Aug 18
Option Animal has trained me with a process to manage my portfolio successfully. Navigating the market with confidence while using our 6 step process has helped me increase my returns while reducing my risk.My old friends Luck and Hope are not a trading strategies anymore. Using the three legged stool approach of fundamental , technical and sentimental analysis has guided me while using options to profit in any market direction. While also giving me the tools to adjust my positions when the market reacts opposite to my analysis.The team of instructors are in a single word AWESOME. They care about teaching you so you can manage your money with confidence.Thank you OA team!
Merlin Andrews
Merlin Andrews
16:27 05 Nov 17
By far the best educational source for options trading that I have found in my 4+ years of learning. An incredible amount of information, education, and support - worth every investment penny for anyone serious about learning options trading. The most helpful, passionate, and skilled instructors - all with different perspectives that make it easy to find your own path instead of getting told what your path should be.
Zack Simon
Zack Simon
18:48 02 Mar 17
Because it's changed my life.
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence
22:02 12 Sep 18
Options Animal is an excellent organization. I am very happy that I have found them. The website is wonderful and easy to navigate. Options are a complex instrument and they certainly know a great deal about their subject matter. Greg, Jeff, and Casey, as well as the other members of the company are all warm, kind, funny, helpful and extremely intelligent. Options Animal is a solid organization. I am very excited to move toward a complete understanding of options. I hope to grow along with their company in the future. I would give them a stellar review.
John S
John S
01:11 16 Jan 19
The Option Theory is adequate with but the concepts only really sink in when theory is further explained in some practical application examples or case studies using live and current stock prices .
Dr. Rina Shinn
Dr. Rina Shinn
17:58 01 Feb 20
This is the program that I wish I knew at the beginning before I poured in ridiculous amount of money in order to learn about options trading. Highly recommended.
Joshua Foss
Joshua Foss
18:23 29 Sep 18
Motivated me to learn more
Scott Walz
Scott Walz
16:43 02 Dec 20
Options Animal has been great to work with. There are many trainers to work with who have different styles of teaching and trading. I have found several that I like and learn from. The training they gave me has benefitted me so much that the gains I have made in my trading account has more than paid for my subscription to the lessons. Love this company and their trainers!
Thom Ianniccari
Thom Ianniccari
18:07 29 Oct 17
Great education and support to learn to earn. I have done a lot of investing education and this is one of the few systems that gets a gold star.
Steve Rosenlund
Steve Rosenlund
22:16 04 Mar 20
Some classes are very technical, I can repeat them as needed. I would rather retake a class than see it dumbed down.
Ivan Peytchev
Ivan Peytchev
21:44 04 May 19
Edward Parker
Edward Parker
01:44 22 Dec 20
I took the plunge with OptionsANIMAL because I was tired of "running in place" with my options trades. I'm just getting started with the Level 5 classes, and already my trading results have improved, substantially. The amount of training material that is available is incredible. If you take the time to actually study the material your trading will never be the same.
Dino Johnson
Dino Johnson
04:45 04 Jul 18
Great instructors! You want to learn how to trade options this will give you a solid foundation! Met the owner Greg at a trading summit in Seattle and really enjoyed his approach to teaching option trading. I am a life time member.
Jerry Boatman
Jerry Boatman
03:10 21 Dec 19
Fantastic Training that you can do at your own pace.
Linda Wood
Linda Wood
18:20 04 May 19
Jeffrey Nee
Jeffrey Nee
14:29 30 Sep 18
Excellent teachers dealing with a complex subject to a room full full of varying skill levels. They succeeded.
Blaine Jones
Blaine Jones
01:36 25 Jun 19
Options Animal is one of the best, if not the best, educational experience I have ever had. If there were more than 5 stars I would rate them a 10.
oliver fox
oliver fox
18:43 06 May 19
I am simply amazed at the amount of knowledged displayed by the option animal instructors at the Chicago summit.after having listen , and asking questions ,my knowledge of the stock market,and option has increased to a level way beyond that of the average trader. I am so thankful for finding optionsanimal.
Mark Zimmerman Sr
Mark Zimmerman Sr
20:32 07 Sep 18
If you want to learn options this is where you will lean it! Great education, even better support
Stephen Sorrick
Stephen Sorrick
20:36 29 Sep 18
The presentations were all highly informative.
Cheryl Tiffany
Cheryl Tiffany
17:45 14 Sep 18
Jim Hores
Jim Hores
19:54 10 Jun 19
I found this to be an outstanding program - in-depth knowledge you cannot find anywhere else and the staff is always very supportive. I give it an A++.
17:25 11 Sep 18
I have spent many years and thousands on training and advisory services before taking the Options Animal training and can only say that I could have saved thousands of dollars of losses from my account and a lot of frustration had I chose them in the beginning.
Ken Carley
Ken Carley
10:59 06 May 19
Been a member for almost 9 years. Always learn something new when I attend their many free summits around the US. The instructors are great and very available to the students. Absolutely the best Options Education anywhere.
Hal Maughan
Hal Maughan
03:17 08 Sep 18
Great info and very helpful
Rex Villarruz
Rex Villarruz
02:39 11 Sep 18
To GOD be the glory.January 2016 my wife and I started this journey.May 2018 I quit my good job and pursue this trading carrier.Thanks to "OPTIONSANIMAL" system, now i managed our 401K and IRA,by doing a covered calls and collar trade.I learned that the market is dynamic, not all of my trade need a stop loss in place, instead i learned how to do adjustment if the play is against me. I only focus on the strategy that is working for me and fit my lifestyle. I keep repeating it. Very important is money management and position sizing in order to survive in this business.
oliver fox
oliver fox
03:42 11 Nov 18
OPTIONSANIMAL,OPTIONSANIMAL,OPTIONSANIMAL!!!! the very BEST in options education.-------- the very BEST.
Stephen MacLean
Stephen MacLean
02:27 11 Jan 19
prescot willuims
prescot willuims
20:44 07 Apr 18
Ron Pensari
Ron Pensari
23:51 12 Jul 17
optionsANIMAL is by far the most comprehencive options education program I have ever experienced. I have gone through enough programs to know that this school does an exceptional job in educating and supporting anyone with the desire to become an options trader. The coaches are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It does not matter what level you trade, their course structure takes you in depth from the fundamentals all the way to the most advanced strategies. The cost for the course is well worth the money...I am a lifetime member and am glad I did it!! But, you can start at any level. The education I am learning will last a lifetime!
Karim Lopez
Karim Lopez
19:40 29 Oct 20
Guys.,, I´m enchant, the learning is being great, I personally have to tell you that the return on investment was in 4 weeks, I´m so happy I feel blessed that I found options animal. Eric, Karen Jim, Joe, Charan, all instructors are great and easy to work with it.thanks for changing my life as an investor, I had 22 years as an investor and this by far has been the best of best learning experiences.RegardsKarim
Kai K
Kai K
21:32 28 Aug 18
OptionsANIMAL has been great. They are a true and honest company that are willing to help normal people become successful investors who use options. Highly recommend this company.
Nag Malluru
Nag Malluru
16:16 09 May 19
I like the education that OA provides and it is really interesting to see all these strategies in real world. I am seeing the difference already and excited to be part of this.Community and Live tabs are amazing and helps us to stay connected with the schedule and other member thoughts etc.
Ampitan Bolawale
Ampitan Bolawale
13:09 21 Sep 21
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Bruce Mazzare
Bruce Mazzare
05:09 07 Sep 18
Excellent course with a complete follow up & support system to insure learning !Thank you
Elizabeth Spoeneman
Elizabeth Spoeneman
17:26 07 Mar 16
Amazing products
EJ Esposito
EJ Esposito
20:12 28 Dec 20
I decided to become a lifetime member of Options Animal. The courses they have are very detailed and really answer the questions I have. If you find that you still have questions, you can reach out to the instructors for additional clarification. Also the courses are updated all the time so they discuss what the current state of options are, which is great! Im excited to continue my Options journey with Options Animal!
Warren Broll
Warren Broll
03:57 01 Sep 18
Options Animal is providing me with the options tools I need to enhance growth my stock portfolio and to react appropriately when trades go against me. My eight months as an OA student are beginning to pay off financially. I have worked hard and have not been as mentally challenged since I was in engineering school, many years ago. I recommend Options Animal to anyone who is deeply committed to trading improvement, is open minded and coachable, and is willing to take on a serious challenge.
King Cone
King Cone
23:23 08 Nov 18
We have been with Option animal for 7 years plus. They have delivered on all levels. If you want to learn to trade options there is no better education. Make sure you finish all you levels before you start live trading if you don’t your education will cost you more as I learned the hard way . One other point make sure you try to attend as many conference that Option animal puts on you will not be disappointed .Your trading skills will get sharper and most of all you will meet a bunch of great traders
Charlie Gray
Charlie Gray
23:27 10 Sep 18
I have had a wonderful experience working with the instructors from the community and working with Zack and Warren. What I like most about OA is that when you have a question about any option the instructors are able to answer any question they are well versed and understand the material, also other people from the community sometimes will pitch in and offer some answers. If anybody wants to learn about options The Animal is the way to go. Thanks guys Student Charlie
Jack Goldstein
Jack Goldstein
16:42 13 Jul 17
This is a wonderful community of Traders and educators who will help you to understand Options and Equities and the influence of all of the associated variables. Their courses are well worth what they cost. The Education is invaluable and helpful for a lifetime.There is a calander of Webinars at each of eight levels of training as well as a prerecorded Webinars of each subcategory at every level of training. This allows you to interact with instructors live with questions or review by listening to pre recorded sessions. There are several instructors. Each one has their own personality and style. This makes it easy to find different viewpoints on the same subject and continue to learn. I highly recommend Options Animal for anyone interested in self directed investing.
Bruce Ash
Bruce Ash
21:22 01 Jan 19
OptionsAnimal has been a great experience. I have learned a lot about options. It is nice that you can learn at your own pace and get help as needed.
18:57 04 Oct 18
They have wonderful teachers, I learn a lot from them. Even the tuition is expensive, but from what I have learned, it is worth and will benefit for the rest of my life.
John W
John W
20:53 28 Jun 19
Brice is very easy to work with and does what he says he will do. Thanks again Brice for the good service
21:42 22 Feb 21
Very professional group. Brice Hogan provided excellent pre and post sales support. The instructors are diverse and provide different views on the same subjects which helps me to be thoughtful about the subjects and retain the information. The classes are well laid out and build upon themselves. The community approach provides me with an environment that will foster lifetime learning. This is not the first investment education company but their lifetime membership is an excellent value for my long-term growth. Thank you.
Robert Brown
Robert Brown
00:24 15 Nov 18
It is legit with certified courses and tax incentives.
18:13 15 Jul 19
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