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The design of our education allows us to enroll students into packages that best suit their needs, experience, and investing goals. Our educational packages start as low as $1500. For complete pricing on our products and services, we encourage you to call in for a free consultation to determine which of our products suit your needs. We’ve structured it that way because we realize that all investors come from different backgrounds, and particularly, have different experience levels when it comes to trading options.

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Student Success Stories

Robin S.

“I subscribed to numerous options advisories and read books trying to learn options on my own…I just never could “crack the code”. When I saw the presentation on the OptionsANIMAL method, I knew I had finally found the right way to learn options. In just a couple of months I had recouped my tuition. In the months since then I’ve continued to generate a healthy income. With one put-selling strategy, I’m averaging about a 33% annualized return. OptionsANIMAL has given me skills to make a comfortable living, regardless of what happens in the economy.” ~ Robin S.

Hershell T.

“I want to share the results of my trading since I started applying the OptionsANIMAL method. I have averaged $500 per day of profit mostly selling puts on stocks that have a strong upward trend. I also buy options on stocks I would like to own if the market goes against me and I am unable to reverse my loss. This has proven to be a valuable approach and my portfolio is up about $15,000 over the last two months. I have stopped a major loss in one of my stocks by trading verticals. I also made money back on another losing trade by buying puts.” ~ Hershell T.

Joe & Jackie F.

“Within six month of applying OptionsANIMAL strategies we were able to make up $40,000 of the losses we had incurred before we knew about OptionsANIMAL. In addition to that, all but two trades we have closed since beginning have been profitable! Have they all gone as expected? No. Through OptionsANIMAL we have learned how to adjust our trades in order to avoid losses.” ~ Joe and Jackie F.

Learn How You Can Be Successful On 92% Of Trades

Every week one of our coaches places a real trade that our community of students can follow and learn from as we implement our 6 Step Trading Methodology.

Here Are Our Results:

We have closed 224 Animal Trades. 207 of the trades closed for a profit, and 17 closed for a loss. The Average Return per trade was 16.7%, with an Annualized Return per trade of 100.3%. Each trade was open on average for 60 days.

What if you were closing 92% of your trades successfully?

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” – Bill Cosby

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