Accredited Investing Education

Phil Hitz

Phil HitzPhil Hitz started his professional career in the financial services industry as a lobbyist to the federal government. In 1985, Phil began managing his own portfolio by buying and selling stocks. Years later he began trading options after he enrolled in a well-known options education program. Phil became frustrated with this company when he realized the strategies he learned were only able to make money when his stocks moved in the right direction. He was not taught what to do when his trades went against him.

In 2006, Phil learned about OptionsANIMAL from a neighbor. He enrolled with OptionsANIMAL and quickly progressed through the program. After 20+ years of trading in the stock market, it wasn’t until Phil graduated from the OptionsANIMAL program that he understood how to make money in the stock market.  OptionsANIMAL  taught him how to adjust losing trades into winning trades.

In 2008, Phil joined the OptionsANIMAL team as a trading coach. His favorite part about being a coach is when someone calls him or emails him when they finally “get it.” Phil currently resides in Lehi, UT with his wife Kathy.


  • BS in Business Management
  • MBA from University of Phoenix


  • Covered Calls
  • Bull Puts
  • Calendar Trades
  • Iron Condors