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Out Perform 2013

It is time to make New Year resolutions. Mine is to do even better in the market than I did in 2013. What is yours? Would you like to do even better in the
market than you did in 2013? It will take some work but it will be worth it.

My style is to get to know a few equities really well. I study them year after year getting to know how they move throughout the year. Each year I set my
expectations for the year. Presently I feel that most of my equities will look a lot like they did in 2013, which was a lot like 2012, which was a lot like
2011, which was a lot like 2010, which was not a lot like 2009 but it did have some similarities. With options I can set up a trade that will take
advantage of my 2014 outlook. I can also pick just how right I have to be. I can pick how much I want to risk and the time frame I want to use. I can also
pick the return that I want. In some cases, the higher the return, the lower the monetary risk, but the lower the probability. …

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Ken Bailey

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