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OptionsANIMAL Hawaii Summit 2011


Hawaii Summit December 2011

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For one week we will hold classes at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua on Maui, Hawaii. This Student Summit is a mix of Pleasure and Business, classes will run from Dec 5-9, 8 am- 12 noon each day.

We have contracted ‘Deluxe Rooms’ for $189/night, regularly $450, making this as affordable as we can in Hawaii. Upgraded rooms are available for similar deep discounts:

  • Garden View Suites $379
  • Ocean View Suites $429

All room rates are available beginning Nov 28, 2011 through Dec 15, 2011.

To reserve your room at our special rate call our office and ask for
Nick Henderson 888 297 9165


  • Call Calendar
  • Put Calendar
  • Outside the box Bull Put
  • High Probability Iron Condor
  • Aggressive Iron Condor
  • Double Diagonal
  • In the money covered call
  • Dividend capturing covered call
  • Guest Speakers
  • Special Announcements
  • And many more…..
Hawaii 2011 Notes and Disc Combo package Coaches Luncheon package
A bound notebook that has all slides that are presented at the Hawaii 2011 Summit. Details inside. The OptionsANIMAL Coaches will be gathering for lunch and an afternoon of trades. Details inside.
Options ANIMAL Group Luau package
Come join us for an evening of food and fun at the traditional Old Lahaina Luau. Details inside.

To reserve your room at our special rate call our office and ask for
Nick Henderson 888 297 9165 x435 or 801 331 7535

call 888 297 9165 to reserve now

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Our Students Love Us

I was with Options Animal for 18 months and learned so much useful information that I needed in order to trade options successfully. I am very satisfied with my experience working with them. There is an abundance of resources on their website and I was able to post questions to the coaches and other participants with responses that were quick and answered all my questions. It took a lot of hard work on my part to learn this but their education was top notch. They are a very professional company and I wish I could stay on with them but at the same time, I feel I’ve learned enough to move forward on my own. I highly recommend Options ns Animal to anyone who is truly wanting to learn to trade options
I found this to be an outstanding program - in-depth knowledge you cannot find anywhere else and the staff is always very supportive. I give it an A++.
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