Marketheist came to learn about the OptionsANIMAL options trading system in Orange County | OptionsANIMAL

Marketheist came to learn about the OptionsANIMAL options trading system in Orange County

You may remember a few weeks ago we invited our mailing list subscribers in the LA and Orange County areas to join us for this free day of stocks and options education.

Greg Jensen options system

It was held at the beautiful Hyatt Regency hotel in Orange County, which I’ve never been to before but was definitely impressed with the location. The event was hosted by OptionsANIMAL and offered a full day of free stocks and options trading lessons from OptionsANIMAL founder Greg Jensen, coach Jeff McAllister, and special guest Jon ‘DRJ’ Najarian from OptionMONSTER and CNBC’s Fast Money. TradeMONSTER’s Travis McGhee was also on hand to show everyone how to apply the lessons learned through TradeMONSTER’s online trading platform.

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Our Students Love Us

I was with Options Animal for 18 months and learned so much useful information that I needed in order to trade options successfully. I am very satisfied with my experience working with them. There is an abundance of resources on their website and I was able to post questions to the coaches and other participants with responses that were quick and answered all my questions. It took a lot of hard work on my part to learn this but their education was top notch. They are a very professional company and I wish I could stay on with them but at the same time, I feel I’ve learned enough to move forward on my own. I highly recommend Options ns Animal to anyone who is truly wanting to learn to trade options
I found this to be an outstanding program - in-depth knowledge you cannot find anywhere else and the staff is always very supportive. I give it an A++.
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