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Market Expert Interview – OptionsANIMAL introduces 2 New Experts to our community

FRIDAY Market Expert Interview – OptionsANIMAL introduces 2 New Experts to our community

The Friday Market Expert Interview is where we are going to interview Experts from around the Stock Market and Options Industry. This gives us, as investors, a look at what is happening in the industry and what the experts are seeing and saying.

This Blog post is being released after the announcement of the hiring of 2 new mentors. After nearly a month of interviews, tests, and mock classes Emilu Bailes and Ken Bailey have been selected from a number of very qualified candidates for 2 coaching positions that have been needed to be filled for months. OptionsANIMAL is excited to have them join our expert group of trainers to teach how the use of options can help every investor preserve capital, secure retirement, become their own boss, and out perform their other retirement accounts.

Get to know our NEW Experts through excerpts of their own essays:

Emilu Bailes

“During the 1990s, I thought I was an investment genius because everything I bought brought a nice return. There was only one problem, I didn’t know when to sell. When the tech bubble burst, I lost much of what I had gained. Thankfully, I still had a good paying job with a nice retirement plan. When I suffered those losses I knew that options would have helped me, but didn’t know much about how to trade them. About 3 years ago I decided to seek an educator who would train me to trade options. Unfortunately, I spent too much for what another options educator failed to deliver. I recognized after many losses that the magic was in knowing how to adjust the positions. I further recognized that the company I had hired was not ready to deliver what I needed. Thankfully I stumbled upon OptionsAnimal.

“The educational experience with OptionsANIMAL has been the best I have ever had. It is formatted in such a way that is a very natural progression through a familiar matriculation process from market basics to complex combination spreads, with a variety of ways to reinforce the knowledge gained along the way. The program provides many ways for students to hear the lessons from different perspectives on any time schedule that meets their needs. There is such variety in the type of education provided by OptionsANIMAL that the student can spend more than forty hours a week in concentrated education (Chats with Coaches, Live Classes, Archived Classes, PDFs, Class notes, Student Summits, etc.) The biggest advantage is in having that personal interaction with Coaches via live classes and chats to assist the student through the difficulties present with any strategy. In addition, a student becomes part of the OptionsANIMAL community, where they can discuss trading issues with others who have the same educational background.

“During the Bear Market of 2008, I was very wet behind the ears in my options education at OptionsANIMAL. However, I was very thankful that I had found OptionsANIMAL “just in time.” By protecting myself with collars and protective puts, I managed to keep my portfolio losses to a minimum, compared to my friends who lost up to 45 percent of theirs. The training I received from OptionsANIMAL has eliminated my fear of losing money in the market. Gaining the knowledge to adjust my positions via options has provided the confidence I needed to meet the challenge of Wall Street as a business. I love trading, and my thirst for trading knowledge is stronger today than ever. Not only am I able to build a legacy for my family and heirs, but OptionsANIMAL has given me the tools to protect and grow the legacy of the Endowment Fund at my church.

“My number one qualification for being a coach is PASSION for options trading! I am a born-again options trader. Enough said.”

Emilu has shown consistency in her trading using the OptionsANIMAL method and has proved that she knows how to design trades with primary and secondary exit points and make them profitable, time and time again. Welcome ANIMAL.

Ken Bailey

“I want to give you a little background on why I now trade options for a living. Way back in 2005, it became clear to me that my job was not permanent. Being a Christian, I prayed about it a lot. The company I worked for sent me to an all day seminar called “Let’s Get Motivated”. During the presentations it became obvious that most if not all of the presenters were Christians. It was a very moving experience. Phil Town gave a very entertaining presentation. At the end of his presentation there was an opportunity to sign up for stock training. I felt this was the answer to my prays so I signed up. Their training consisted of subtle hints that options were the way to really make money followed by a sales pitch to spend up to $20,000 on training. I followed their stock trading strategy for a little over a year with limited success. I also heard Jim Cramer say he had made his fortune with options.

“In 2007 Scott Henderson called me from OptionsANIMAL. I attended some training webinars and talked to Scott several times. I liked the idea of a lifetime membership and that my entire family was included for one price that was very competitive. Scott assured me that within 2 years I would not need OptionsANIMAL to make money. He called me at work one day to ask me if I was ready. I told him I would let him know. That night when I got home my son told me he wanted to learn more about the stock market so the next day I signed up.

“In 2007, the company I worked for asked me to help put together a request for proposal to outsource the department I managed. Fortunately, all the bids came in higher than what it was costing in house so the bids were rejected. I knew it was only a matter of time though since the company was downsizing so I hit the OptionsANIMAL training really hard. I started in February 2007 and finished all the lower levels quickly since they were all on-line. It was a hard education. I struggled all the way through but I was determined. When I got to level 6 all the courses were live so it went slower. It was there that I learned I had made a huge mistake. I should have attended more live classes. I knew all the answers to the tests but I really didn’t know how to trade.

“In June of 2007 I had completed all the tests so I started virtual trading, another huge mistake. I should have been paper trading the whole time. I got lucky and hit a nice 20% plus trade in July and was able to submit my virtual account for graduation. Wisely, Ron suggested I trade a great deal more before I graduated. I traded 3 paper accounts and did well until the market started to turn bearish. I, like so many, just could not play a down market. I knew how but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. After several months of meager returns I decided I needed a plan. I asked many of the coaches what they felt was the most flexible trade and they pointed me to calendars.

“I spent months back testing and virtual trading diagonal calendars. I wrote the first BCT paper to give myself discipline and shared it with some folks to see if I was on track. It went over well. I ended up with a bit of a following as you have seen with the folks that use chicken somewhere in their ID. Not my idea but very flattering.

“In 2008 I noticed my virtual accounts qualified me to graduate from OptionsANIMAL so I submitted one of them and graduated. Shortly there after people started noticing that I was happy when the market dropped. It really became a passion for me but when my son went off to college there was no one that I could talk to about it that would understand it. Then I got a call from a OptionsANIMAL student that needed some help. Turns out she wanted me to join a group to help them with their trading. Being part of that group really helped me progress.

“In April of 2009 I was retired. Not even 50 yet and I was retired. Yes the day finally came for my company to downsize me out of a job. Thanks to OptionsANIMAL, I was ready. I possessed the knowledge I needed to be able to trade for a living. I quickly started studying for my series 65 certification. As I looked into what all I needed to do I also checked how it would impact the terms of my retirement package. As it turned out it was in my best interest to wait until April of 2010 to get certified and start an Investment Advisor firm. I’ve studied for it for months.

“My OPTIONSANIMAL education provided a light at the end of the tunnel. While others around me worried about their jobs, I did not. I knew that if I was retired, I would have a way to make a living.”

Ken has proven a great understanding of conservative trading and has consistent results in his portfolio to prove that he is an Options Expert and now OptionsANIMAL too.

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