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Ken Bailey

Ken Bailey began trading stocks in 2005 when it became clear his current job would soon be outsourced. Bailey attended a well-known stock trading seminar as part of his search for a new career. The seminar sparked Bailey’s interest in the stock market and embarked him down his new career path.

In 2008, Bailey set out exploring other trading strategies besides buying and selling stocks. His search led him to option trading. Bailey felt it was imperative to use option and spread trading strategies if he wanted to make money no matter what direction the market moved. A short time later, Bailey found OptionsANIMAL through an ad on the internet. He signed up as a student and has benefited from the incredible depth of options knowledge OptionsANIMAL offers its students.

As a student at OptionsANIMAL, he developed a custom trading plan to fit his budget, risk tolerance, and available time. His ultra conservative trading plan helped him develop a new trade around diagonal calendars called the “Big Chicken Trade.” He shared his trade with other students and it spread throughout the OptionsANIMAL community. Bailey mastered the OptionsANIMAL trading program and was hired as a coach in late 2010. His favorite part about coaching is helping students develop a trading plan to fit their needs. He loves the “ah ha” moments when it clicks for students and they start developing trades they understand and like. Ken currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife and kids.


  • BS in Animal Science from Ohio State University
  • BS in Electrical Engineering from Temple University


  • Diagonal Calendars
  • The “Big Chicken Trade”
  • Covered Calls with high intrinsic value
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