Jodie Lane


Jodie began her trading career in the late fall of 1999, just before the crash caused by the bursting of the tech bubble in 2000. She began as a purely technical trader, relying on “stop-losses” to manage risk. It became obvious that she needed a better way, both to improve results and protect capital. The search for a better method led her to become a student of Options Animal in 2009, and she has been trading the OA way ever since. OA taught her how to use options to increase profits and more importantly, as a far superior tool for managing risk. It also taught her the importance of fundamentals to successful trading. Jodie now believes that one of the most important steps in successful trading, whether short or long term, is understanding the equity itself.

Before leaving the full-time workforce to raise her three children, Jodie worked as a corporate litigator and before that, as a clerk to a Federal Judge in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Jodie was thrilled to have been asked to join the coaching team of Options Animal in January of 2014. She currently resides with her children, in Tarrytown, New York.



  • MA in History from Columbia University
  • JD from New York University

Trading Style: MODERATE

  • Collars
  • Credit and Debit spreads
  • Calendars and Diagonals