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Jeff McAllister

VP of Education

Jeff McAllister is the director of education at OptionsANIMAL. He began buying and selling stocks in 1984 while working as a pilot for American Airlines.  Jeff first became interested in options and spread trading in 2004 when fellow pilots shared their experiences with options. In 2006, he found Greg Jensen and signed up as one of his students.  McAllister mastered Jensen’s curriculum and is now recognized as an options trading expert in the private sector.

Jeff spends much of his time traveling around the country educating individuals. During his tenure at OptionsANIMAL, he has taught thousands of students, helping them achieve their financial goals. He loves helping students fill the gap between confusion and understanding. He loves the moment when a student suddenly grasps something they didn’t understand before. He feels there’s nothing more satisfying than being a positive influence on another’s life. McAllister is a key contributor to new educational content taught by OptionsANIMAL and is also a frequent instructor for optionMONSTER® and tradeMONSTER® in their educational webinar series. McAllister currently resides in Meredith, New Hampshire with his wife, Joanne.




  • Bachelor of Science from University of New Hampshire
  • MBA from Troy State University, Graduated Suma Cum Laude


  • Credit Trades
  • High probability/low return type trades
  • Legging into and out of Iron Condors
  • Selling Verticals
  • Calendar Trades
  • Double Diagonals
  • Collar Trades
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