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Intel Corporation (INTC), what have you done for me lately?

There is no doubt that Intel has contributed to a significant change in our lives over the past forty years!  When we take a stroll down memory lane and consider the creative genius that envisioned how we might bring the world closer to us, this company must be recognized.  As a serious investor, however, I must suspend my emotions and take a look at the facts before I place my money at risk on Wall Street.  Should I invest in Intel now?

Intel Core i5 + Asus P7P55D
Intel Core i5 + Asus P7P55D (Photo credit: icools)

Evidence is strong that humans have incorporated computer technology into their lives, regardless of their personal income status.  Even folks near poverty find some way to acquire a technical device that connects them to the world most of the time.  So, why has the share price of INTC dropped more than 20% over the past four months?

Humans have advanced to hand-held devices that bring the world to us on command, yet can be slipped into our pockets at any time we give our attention to our immediate surroundings.  This giant chip maker is heavily focused on larger devices which use their processors and chips, desktops and notebooks.  Unfortunately for Intel, the PC market is on a steady decline.  Yes, our economic environment is challenging, and there is ‘slowing emerging market demand,’ but the bottom line is that the convenience of the devices that can be slipped into our pockets and yet give us fast internet access is the latest-and-greatest technology available.  When people are faced with choosing a device that connects them with the world, the convenience and transport-ability are dominant factors, especially when the cost is not a large difference.  Our world will always be affected by the visions of creative genius.

I will always hold warm memories of this giant company.  But, my search for investments at this point is focused on those companies who are developing newer, brighter, products that will enhance our lives in the future.

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