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How many of you have heard of the new IPO with the ticker symbol GPRO? Do you know anything about the entrepreneur who founded this company? Any idea of
how he thought about the product? How long did it take him to develop the wearable HD action camera? How much did he invest in the initiation of the
company? Was it offered publicly from the start?

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman

I was listening to CNBC over Sirius Radio on Thursday morning, June 26th this year. I heard an interview of Nicholas Woodman and the story of what led him
to the Opening Bell of the US Stock Market. It all started about 12 years ago when he was giving himself some time on a surfing trip to recover from a
business failure. He was searching for some idea that would enable him to succeed as an entrepreneur before he turned 30.

Once the idea came into his head, he began setting goals and moving in the direction of SUCCESS! There were times where his written notice “You CAN do
this!” was an important thought to keep in his head. He made himself read this each morning when he awakened. There were obstacles that made him feel that
with each step forward there were two or three that moved him backwards. How does a committed person maintain an attitude of positivity and accomplish a
winning goal? Did you read the comment that this entire idea came to him when he was on a recovery trip from a business failure? You should recognize that
failure is what each of us needs in order to generate the energy toward success.

Five basic steps lead to accomplishing our objectives. The acronym is S.M.A.R.T., where S stands for specific, M for measurable, A for attainable, R for
relevant, and T for time-bound. That sentence is just a one-word description for each step. If we were to fill out the acronym, it would tell the full
story about the process. As an investor/trader, the application of this method is what will create our success. Go to the internet and type in the words
“smart goals.” Spend a bit of time reading about the structure. Find people who have become the leaders in their business industry and read about the steps
that led them to the top. What specific industries do you relate? Are there mentors for you to follow? It is no surprise that we must seek some solace,
mend our emotions, and then start again with a positive attitude when we experience obstacles that prevent us from our goal success. Do you take failures
personally, or do you take the misfortune as feedback? The latter approach is an important element of goal success. Those who become successful are those
who have self-confidence and view the results of actions they have taken as feedback.

There was a time where I was asked to think up an epithet for my grave. Answer the question, “For what do you want to be remembered?” If you must limit the
answer and have one that is clear in your mind, use it to begin your goal. Break it down into medium objectives and further into short-term objectives.
Give it plenty of time. If we give ourselves breaks from the construction of the plan, we will generate renewed energy. Read over your text and view the
message as a statement from you. Is it saying what you wanted it to say, or should you change it? This process will get you to a satisfactory PLAN. The
plan should not just be put on paper and then into a drawer. Once it is adopted, the plan will become a part of your daily life.

GoPro IPO Debut

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