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Emilu Bailes

Emilu BailesEmilu Bailes began trading equities in the early 90’s while working in sales and sales management for Abbott Laboratories. She continued to expand her investing knowledge basis by subscribing to a series of trading newsletters while working in her career at Abbott. Throughout the 90’s Emilu watched her portfolio grow. It wasn’t until the tech bubble burst in early 2000 that Emilu realized there were holes in her trading style.

Emilu had heard about options trading and had always wanted to trade options in her portfolio. Convinced option trading was the missing link in her portfolio, Emilu began her search for options investing education. In 2008, she found Greg Jensen and enrolled as one of his students. After mastering Jensen’s program, Emilu began using the new strategies to hedge risk and protect her portfolio.

In late 2010, Emilu joined the OptionsANIMAL family as a trading coach. As a full-time professional trader and coach, she now has the confidence to enter a trade without any fear. Currently Emilu resides in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area.


  • General Studies from University of Alabama
  • BS in Microbiology from Tulsa University


  • Focus on growth stocks
  • Collar Trades
  • Verticals
  • Horizontals
  • Diagonals
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