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Real people that really care

Our Coaching staff at OptionsANIMAL all have one thing in common: they practice what they preach. Here at OA, you won’t find anyone reading from a script or a manual. You will absolutely never be taught by someone who doesn’t actually trade themselves.

Our coaches are all products of this education themselves. You see, we are quite different from other online trading educational services. We have never advertised for coaches. We never will. All of our coaches came to us as students with absolutely no idea they might someday become one of our coaches. Our coaches are selected from the graduates of the program (with at least one year of successful trading since their graduation) and then go through a rigorous screening and training process.

Coaches that practice what they preach

Not only do our coaches know and understand the curriculum materials, but they are also actively trading the methodology. What this means to you is not only do you have a coach who knows the material thoroughly, but they will be able to share this methodology they are trading real-time with you. You will be alongside as coaches’ place, manage and close their trades. It is as close to a mentor/apprentice relationship you can find in any online trading education.

Not only will you see our coaches closing profitable trades, but you’ll also be by their side as trades go against them and learn how they manage the trades through the trade adjustment process. This means you’ll be able to develop your skills without having to risk your capital. We encourage you to follow our trades in your own virtual trading accounts to gain the maximum amount of experience without the risk of losing your hard earned capital.


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