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Charan Singh


Charan Singh began trading equities back in 2002. At the time he had a prosperous corporate career working for Aerovironment in Los Angeles. Charan watched his managed 401-k and IRA accounts drop 40 percent in value as the tech bubble burst in early 2000. It was then that Charan realized he needed to manage his retirement accounts.

In 2004, Charan discovered options trading while attending a popular investing seminar with his wife. He joined the program and began subscribing to many options trading newsletters. He quickly realized these companies had a similar approach to trading - all of them taught him to use stop losses when a trade went bad.  According to Charan, minimizing losses with a stop-loss order is not an acceptable approach to risk management.

In 2006, he learned about OptionsANIMAL from a co-worker. He joined the program and quickly mastered the OptionsANIMAL way of trading. OptionsANIMAL was the missing puzzle piece Charan had been looking for. It was at OptionsANIMAL where he learned to adjust or repair trades that have gone bad. Charan has been a coach with OptionsANIMAL since 2009 and has been involved with the company in other capacities, including as a student, since 2006. He is now a full-time professional trader and investing coach. Charan currently resides in Sandy, Utah with his wife and son.



  • BS in Electronics Engineering
  • MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business


  • ITM Covered Call
  • Bull Put
  • Collar Trade
  • Married Put
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