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Understanding Options: Exercise & Assignments (fb)

Understanding Options: Exercise & Assignment

By Jeff McAllister / April 11, 2016

As an educator in the field of options trading, I’m often asked “what causes a short call or a short put to be assigned?” Before I can answer that question I need to briefly explain what an option is, some of the terminology used, and who the participants in the […]

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Influence of Dividends Monopoly Man (Large)

The Influence of Dividends on Call and Put Equity Options

By Charan Singh / February 29, 2016

Introduction Regular and special dividend payments influence the price and the possibility of assignment on options. Although the impact of an ex-dividend date on an option position is usually relatively small, it is important to understand the dynamics of this process for options traders. First, let’s clarify the language in […]

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Earth: Quarter Point Heard Round the World (Medium)

The Quarter-Point Heard ‘Round the World

By Karen Smith / February 23, 2016

How many times have we heard the long-standing trading adage, “Don’t fight the Fed!” when discussing portfolio positioning in the stock market? When studying equity markets across time, one notices that the market heads to higher valuations when our Federal Reserve is in a process of reducing interest rates or […]

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An Option Strategy For All Seasons

By Jodie Lane / February 2, 2016

In the heart of the hot, lazy days of summer it’s easy to imagine that the warmth will last forever, and all you will ever need are t-shirts and shorts. Bull markets are like summer days. They lull you into believing that they will last forever; that all you will […]

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Bull Picture: End of the Bull Market (Medium 1)

The End Of The Bull Market?

By Eric Hale / January 8, 2016

There has been no doubt that since March of 2009, the market has been in a consistent uptrend. This has been driven, in large part, by the Federal Open Market Committee’s quantitative easing (QE) through various mechanisms, including maintaining the Effective Federal Funds Rate at near zero – Zero Interest […]

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Investing in Times of Turbulence : How Options Keep You In the Game

By Karen Smith / March 27, 2015

It should surprise no one when I confidently make the statement that someday the great bull market of the past six years will come to an end. The question we all want to know is – when? While I do not have a crystal ball providing that answer, I can […]

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Apple on White Background: Aapl's Wild Move

AAPL’s Wild Move into the Close on Friday March 20

By Eric Hale / March 21, 2015

What the heck happened to AAPL in the last few minutes of trading on Friday? If you were watching AAPL at the close on Friday, March 20, 2015, you would have noticed that there was a neck-breaking snap in direction. The stock was chugging along sideways and then, at exactly […]

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Don’t Be Surprised!

By Jodie Lane / March 19, 2015

Every time Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown, I get angry….at Charlie Brown. After all this time, shouldn’t Charlie know better? Isn’t it his fault if he is continually surprised by things that he should be able to predict? I do not like to be surprised, especially by […]

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People with Talk Bubble: Implied Volatility

How Can Implied Volatility Affect My Trades?

By Emilu Bailes / February 25, 2015

We provide some outside-the-box classes at OptionsANIMAL for members who have come to learn about options behavior, so that they can make a nice profit in their accounts. These classes are in the educational level 8 (top of the curricula) and are labeled “Vegas Trades.” Although we spend some time […]

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my trading equities for 2015

My Trading Equities For 2015

By Emilu Bailes / January 27, 2015

We are having our annual equity plan in January here at OptionsANIMAL. When I take a look at the tracking of the equities that were named by OA staff this time last year, I found that they were ranked according to how bullishly they performed during the 2014 year. Other […]

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