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Trader, Know Thyself!

By Emilu Bailes / August 28, 2010

Linda Raschke said, “Trading is ten percent learning about the market and ninety percent learning about you.” As we begin in our journey to become a master trader we may not give much consideration to our own psychology. Yet, understanding ourselves is a critical step in becoming a successful trader. […]

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When does it make sense to exercise an option early?

By Eric Hale / August 26, 2010

When does it make sense to exercise an option early? The answer is that it generally does not make sense – unless the option is: a) Deep in the money and/or b) Very close to expiration. It is a worthwhile effort to “do the math” on exercising an option early. […]

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The Student Summit Has Started!

By Jeff McAllister / August 20, 2010

Greetings from the W (which stands for WOW!) in Chicago! Even before the Student Summit began, we had a full day. Yesterday we went to Think or Swim for an excellent tour – and discussion from some of their active floor traders. Interesting…. Then we went to a Chicago Cubs […]

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Trading within an Entity

By Emilu Bailes / August 18, 2010

There are some definite advantages to trading within an entity, utilizing mark-to-market accounting. Wash Sales Rule does not apply Capital Losses not limited to $3000 per year Maximizes deductions Shares your income with another taxable entity There are corporations that specifically focus on establishing trading entities for individuals as well […]

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The Summit is approaching! The Summit is approaching!

By Jeff McAllister / August 10, 2010

Can you believe that its only 10 days until the Chicago Summit begins?! We are going to have a really great time. Cubs game, TOS tour, CBOE, and the most important part of all – the coaches presentations (all new…) I have seen all the presentations and they are really […]

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Hey Investor – You might just need a stock market mentor!

By Emilu Bailes / August 6, 2010

One of the biggest challenges for a beginner options trader is handling the barrage of information coming before you every single day. How do you decide what to pay attention to and what to ignore? Are you able to apply the discipline needed to insure that you are spending your […]

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Luck Is Where Preparation meets Opportunity

By Emilu Bailes / July 26, 2010

An important part of my trading strategy is frequent evaluation of my current positions. It is only through examining “what IS” that allows me to prepare for “what MAY BE.” It is this forward thinking that prepares me for opportunity, thereby creating my “luck.” An example is in order. I […]

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The Power of Community

By Emilu Bailes / July 15, 2010

One of the big benefits of the education provided by OptionsANIMAL is the “community” found there. Before I discovered OptionsANIMAL, I felt isolated with only my books and the internet as my key resources. OptionsANIMAL is a huge community of like-minded traders from all over the world who share the […]

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SPX Death Cross

By Emilu Bailes / July 7, 2010

On Friday, July 2, 2010, the S&P 50 MA crossed below the 200 MA. Investopedia explains this phenomenon, “…as long-term indicators carry more weight, this trend indicates a bear market on the horizon and is reinforced by high trading volumes. Additionally, the long-term moving average becomes the new resistance level […]

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This Market Needs A Rest…

By Jeff McAllister / July 6, 2010

Hopefully you had a wonderful long weekend, but now it’s back to work! So, we just concluded one of the WORST quarters (if you’re a bull, otherwise, strike that – reverse it…) in stock market history. The follow-on? More of the same? Perhaps. However, the last three days of trading […]

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