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The Power of Community

By Emilu Bailes / July 15, 2010

One of the big benefits of the education provided by OptionsANIMAL is the “community” found there. Before I discovered OptionsANIMAL, I felt isolated with only my books and the internet as my key resources. OptionsANIMAL is a huge community of like-minded traders from all over the world who share the […]

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SPX Death Cross

By Emilu Bailes / July 7, 2010

On Friday, July 2, 2010, the S&P 50 MA crossed below the 200 MA. Investopedia explains this phenomenon, “…as long-term indicators carry more weight, this trend indicates a bear market on the horizon and is reinforced by high trading volumes. Additionally, the long-term moving average becomes the new resistance level […]

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This Market Needs A Rest…

By Jeff McAllister / July 6, 2010

Hopefully you had a wonderful long weekend, but now it’s back to work! So, we just concluded one of the WORST quarters (if you’re a bull, otherwise, strike that – reverse it…) in stock market history. The follow-on? More of the same? Perhaps. However, the last three days of trading […]

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Losing Your Way in Today’s Market – Find it in Pittsburgh, Akron, Cleveland

By OptionsANIMAL / July 2, 2010

  OptionsAnimal Trader Workshop in Pittsburgh, Akron, Cleveland OptionsANIMAL is the most complete educator of Options and Spread Trading in the industry.  If you’re tired of losing money with stop losses, you need to take advantage of this live, 2-hour class; and learn why spread trading has helped so many investors […]

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Cash Secured Puts

By Emilu Bailes / June 30, 2010

A fellow trader sent me this question. Folks new to options trading can easily be confused when they open a cash secured short put in their account. (These are allowed in retirement accounts.) Knowing what kind of impact these have on your overall bottom line in your portfolio is important […]

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Greg Jensen – Interview with Market Heist

By OptionsANIMAL / June 28, 2010

Greg Jensen CEO and Founder of OptionsANIMAL was recently interviewed by  This is a candid interview shedding light on who Greg is as a trader, what his trading philosophies are, and who can become a consistent trader. Video courtesy Options Trading Resources trading education * options trading school […]

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FED DAY! Are you ready to RUMBLE?

By Emilu Bailes / June 22, 2010

Fed Day’s are always exciting times for traders. These are scheduled events when the Federal Open Market Committee emerges from their meeting and gives the world their perspective of the USA’s Economic health, as well as any Interest Rate changes. This will be the fourth such meeting this year, of […]

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Should you buy stocks in this market?

By Charan Singh / June 21, 2010

Technical traders understand that we just came back from the brink…again. The broadest measure of our market, the S&P500, dipped as low as 1040 twice in the last couple of months and held those levels. This index is now above its 200 day moving average, a widely followed and critical […]

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Who Are You Going To Believe? – Market in Confirmed Uptrend!

By Emilu Bailes / June 19, 2010

“Market in Confirmed Uptrend!” How do you know? Investor’s Business Daily’s Market Pulse says so! But, Elliott Wave International claims that we are on the precipice of the really, really, really BIG wave 3 of 3 of 3 DOWN to new lows, even lower than March 2009! I’m citing these […]

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The Three Most Important Things Affecting Option Pricing: Stock Price, Time, and Implied Volatility

By Eric Hale / June 16, 2010

Option pricing is affected by a number of well known variables. Once you have an option position in place, whether it includes calls or puts, that you bought or sold, there are only a few things that can affect the price. 1. Stock Price This relationship is the simplest concept […]

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