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And so the real battle begins: AAPL VS RIMM

So, it had to happen, sooner or later the lock on the iPhone had to be broken.There was just too much at stake. The iPhone with all of its compatibility with other iProducts, versus every other cell phone out there.

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For me, living in N.H., there was not choice to be made. Whatever phone I choose, it had to be on Verizon’s (VZ) network. They’ve got the best coverage in this part of the world. But oh how I would have preferred to have an iPhone!

The next best choice – the Blackberry Storm. Sure, it’s a nice device, does a lot of what the iPhone does, and it even delivers my email better. But it’s not an Apple.

So now that Apple seems to be readying a new iPhone that will work on several networks (and not just AT&T – T), RIMM is going to have a much more formidable foe.

There are many of us who are already in the camp that RIMM has pretty much reached the end of their rapid growth phase. Who, by now, doesn’t know what a Blackberry is??? We all do. The available “new” market to Blackberry has dwindled to almost nothing. In this situation a company (normally) would look to create new products and services. Look how AAPL reinvented its own market with the launch of the iPod Nano touch. With a single product launch, AAPL had almost created a brand new market. Everyone who had the old iPod now needed a new one (unless they wanted to be considered very uncool…). Where is the new Blackberry product that replaces their old with “must have” new features and technologies? I haven’t seen it…

So, is this the death of the Blackberry? No, but it is going to have a very negative impact on the company’s ability to generate greater profits going forward. As for AAPL, they just keep on creating new and better products.

Me? As soon as it’s official and Verizon has the iPhone… I’m switching. I suspect that an awful lot of fellow Blackberry users will do the same. I certainly can’t see how this news could be of ANY benefit to RIMM – certainly no one is going to say exactly the opposite: “Since Verizon is now offering the iPhone, I want to get rid of my AAPL product and go and buy a Blackberry…” that just won’t happen.

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