Amid the negative news you always see on television and that you hear on the radio, there are some definite good trading opportunities still in Q3.

Join Jill Malandrino of and Greg Jensen CEO of OptionsANIMAL for a complimentary, 1-hour webinar as they discuss what stocks are set up for some good trading in the next few months.

We’ve found the easiest way to successfully trade in any market condition is through a combination of stock and options trading. If you haven’t traded options yet, you’re missing out on insuring your stocks, phenomenal growth, and consistent income.

What You’ll Learn

  • Q3 & Q4 opportunities
  • Portfolio Positioning for the Year-end
  • Option Strategies for Mitigating Geo-Political Risks
  • OptionsANIMAL CEO

Greg Jensen

Greg Jensen is an options investor, speaker, and author. He has written publications for MSN Money,, Reuters, Benzinga, Wiley Publishing, and other like companies. Greg is the founder of OptionsANIMAL, an investing education company. He has trained thousands of people from all corners of the world to be successful traders.

  • Jill Malandrino

    The Street

Jill Malandrino

Jill Malandrino is the Product Development Manager for TheStreet’s OptionsProfits. In addition to managing the product and content for the site, she is a market site reporter for the NASDAQ, reports from the floor of the CME and CBOE, co-hosts the Morning Call with T3Live for TheStreet and the All-in-One video for Options TV. Her work is featured regularly on Yahoo! Finance, Fidelity, NASDAQ, CBOE and various financial blogs.

Prior to OptionsProfits, Ms. Malandrino was the Market Intelligence Manager for The Fly on the Wall and headed the Institutional Product Marketing effort for the Prudential Equity Group.