FREE Investing Webinar

Learn How to Make Money in a Down Market

Discover the Power of Options

This Webinar Will Focus On The Following:


  • The best stocks to trade in current market conditions
  • How to adjust losing trades to winners!
  • Volatility created by uncertainty in the market
  • The best approach to start making money now

Hear strategies that successful investors use to maximize profits and preserve capital in today’s volatile markets. This presentation will outline the framework needed in order to create safer, hedged investments, which will ultimately make you money regardless of market direction. Additionally, this class will provide an introduction to “Trade Adjustments”, or “Trade Repair”. Our goal is to show you how to “fix” losing positions, and turn them into winners.

Student Testimonials

The Animal Trade are clear, practical and easy to use.

-Fabio C.


I have a game plan before I enter a trade. Why I’m in the trade, primary and secondary exit. It takes away the emotion from the trade. I have different adjustments in case a trade goes against me. Overall I’ve reduced my anxiety knowing the risk in my trades.

-Rakesh R.


I have been able to overcome Fear and Greed. I know have more discipline in planning trades with primary and secondary exits points. I am able to stick to fundamental convictions of a direction of a stock while staying hedged.

-Seng G.