Every student is unique

The design of our education allows us to enroll students into packages that best suit their needs, experience, and investing goals. Our educational packages start as low as $1500. For complete pricing on our products and services, we encourage you to call in and speak with one of our Enrollment Directors about your needs. We’ve structured it that way because we realize that all investors come from different backgrounds, and particularly, have different experience levels when it comes to trading options.

We’re serious about Option Trading

We have set criteria that we require students to meet in order to enroll in our education. At OptionsANIMAL, we truly strive to make people better traders. We realize that trading, and specifically trading options, is not for everyone. It takes someone who is serious about the market and driven to learn. We know it will take someone who is self-motivated, and willing to dedicate at least five hours a week toward education, to learn what it takes to be successful in the market.

Call to speak with one of our Enrollment Directors today!

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