Online Trading Education

Most options trading education firms attempt to teach their trading system, and usually say you’re doing it wrong if you stray from their method. Studies of the most successful traders show one very common central theme: to trade successfully you must trade from your own personality. This is why so many systems fail to deliver. They fail to take into account the importance of the individual.

Our Strategy for Options Trading Education

online training Online Trading Education

OptionsANIMAL takes a completely different approach. We recognize the importance of each personality when developing trading styles and encourage students to trade within their comfort zones and their own risk tolerances.

Our online options trading education programs are built along similar principles the military uses to train pilots. It is process oriented education. We have eight levels of content, each level building upon the previous. This enables our students to start with absolutely no knowledge of trading and to progress through the program so they are masters of the options instrument by the time they graduate.

Multiple Learning Channels

OptionsANIMAL offers classes through three unique digital channels: You can watch on-demand videos, archived live classes, and attend as many live classes as you wish. The on-demand and archive classes are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As long as you have an internet connection you can get access to the entire spectrum of options trading education we have available at any time. We urge you to learn at your own pace and within your own schedule. Learning to trade options has never been more convenient.

We have the materials, the content, and the coaches but it will be up to you to give the effort. Once you begin your training with OptionsANIMAL you will need no other education. OptionsANIMAL is the finest online investing course you will ever take, period. You will be able to trade in any market direction and be profitable. Imagine the sense of freedom knowing you have learned how to make consistent profits regardless of market direction.