Weekly Trades

Learn By Example

Every week we place live trades with REAL money for our community to follow.

We feel the best way to learn is by example.  OptionsANIMAL’s coaches place live trades and post them for the entire OptionsANIMAL community to follow. Weekly trades are for educational purposes only and are not recommendations to buy or sell any security. Instead, they are a an excellent learning tool for students to actually follow a live trade from start to finish.

Here’s what you’ll get with every weekly trade:

trade analysis1 Weekly Trades

Trade Analysis

Fundamental, Technical, and Sentiment Analysis. Why each trade was chosen, and what direction they think the equity will be trending.

adjust1 Weekly Trades

Trade Adjustments

Let’s face it – even after the most thorough analysis, sometimes stocks move in the wrong direction. When an Animal Trade stock moves different from initial expectation, the trade is adjusted to the secondary exit point. OptionsANIMAL notifies subscribers each time an adjustment is made to a weekly trade, so they can see the adjustment process applied to real trades.

strategy1 Weekly Trades

Trade Strategy

We’ll define the strategy placed, define the risk, and the potential reward. A simple and proven approach to trading.

exit1 Weekly Trades

Primary & Secondary Exits Points

The most successful traders eliminate fear and greed from their trading. Each weekly trade maps out a game plan by setting primary and secondary exit points before trade is placed. The primary exit point eliminates greed by defining an exit to the trade if everything goes according to plan.  The secondary exit point eliminates fear by defining exactly when and how to adjust or repair a losing trade.

Here’s what the OptionsANIMAL community is saying:

The Weekly Trades are clear, practical and easy to use.

fabio Weekly Trades

I have a game plan before I enter a trade. Why I’m in the trade, primary & secondary exit. It takes away the emotion from the trade. I have different adjustments in case a trade goes against me. Overall I’ve reduced my anxiety knowing the risk in my trades.

rakesh Weekly Trades

I have been able to overcome Fear and Greed. I now have more discipline in planning trades with primary and secondary exit points. I am able to stick to fundamental convictions of a direction of a stock while staying hedged.

seng Weekly Trades